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Boost your CX maturity through digital transformation

Today’s contact centres must provide a wide selection of customer touchpoints without increasing costs or agent workloads. As such, digital transformation has become imperative for contact centres.

Digital transformation is a journey in which an organisation deploys new technologies to improve or create new processes, products, services or business models. It is more than simply rethinking digital operations; it must also be a people-driven initiative that offers unique value for customers.

Digital transformation helps in boosting CX maturity. When done right, it supports your organisation in keeping up with customers’ ever-changing needs and expectations.

What is CX maturity?

CX maturity is your ability to deliver excellent customer experiences consistently. You must understand customers’ needs and expectations to action these across your contact centre. A CX maturity model is the method for gauging where your organisation sits; it covers metrics such as strategy, company culture, processes, data collection and many more.

Based on the model, your contact centre might fall into one of four categories of CX maturity:

  1. Beginner organisations have just started to focus on improving CX. They may have started a few initiatives but have not yet designed a strategy or implemented new technology.
  2. Intermediate organisations have begun integrating the new CX strategy into their contact centre operations. They have a dedicated team or department responsible for improving CX and have begun to see some results from their efforts.
  3. Advanced organisations have fully committed to CX excellence. They treat it as a strategic priority and invest accordingly. Their whole contact centre has united around delivering great customer experiences. 
  4. Expert organisations are CX leaders. They deliver excellent CX and leverage it as a competitive differentiator. They constantly innovate and strive to find new ways of boosting the customer experience.

Taking your CX maturity from the beginner to expert level requires you to build a strong foundation by investing in the right technology, reviewing your processes and focusing on the people element of your contact centre. Why not evaluate where you’re at by taking our customer experience maturity assessment?

1. Move from legacy systems to the cloud

One digital transformation initiative you can take to drive CX maturity is moving your contact centre from legacy on-premise systems to a cloud contact centre.

Legacy systems are inflexible and difficult to scale. They seldom offer the same features and functionality as modern contact centre systems, making it difficult for you to keep up with competitors or stay updated with the latest customer service and technology trends. Furthermore, they cannot offer omnichannel customer experiences handled by agents on a single unified platform.

In contrast, cloud-based contact centres offer flexibility and scalability while enabling agents to deliver omnichannel customer experiences and collect data on one platform. Cloud-based solutions provide contact centres with the agility to adapt quickly to changing customer needs. They also offer the flexibility to easily add new features and functionality, resulting in a personalised experience for customers, agents and contact centre leaders. Cloud-based solutions are scalable, allowing businesses to add or remove agents easily. When you scale your contact centre in this fashion, you can ensure you deliver good CX even during peak demand.

2. Focus on the human element of digital transformation

Digital transformation is more than a technology initiative; it must prioritise people too. For your contact centre, this means transforming how your agents work and delivering improved CX to your customers. 

Looking at the people element of your digital transformation begins with your agents. Digital transformation can be overwhelming and disruptive. Agents need to feel supported through this change to do their best work. They are on the front line of customer experience and the ones interacting with customers day in and day out. If they are not happy, it will show in the quality of their interactions.

You need everyone on board with the changes you will make to ensure that new technologies adequately support your agents. You might offer training materials on new technologies to provide agents with the knowledge to leverage new tools to their fullest potential.

You must have your customers front of mind too. It is a good idea to inform them of service changes to manage expectations and ensure they know how to contact you.

3. Leverage data in your contact centre

You can leverage data in numerous ways to improve customer experience. Data can help you identify areas where customers are struggling, their preferences, and how they would like to receive communications from you. Leaders and agents across the contact centre can leverage this information to make changes that will improve the overall customer experience.

Additionally, data can help you monitor and improve contact centre performance. By tracking key metrics, you can identify areas of improvement and make changes that will help agents improve customer satisfaction. You can also use data to benchmark your performance against other organisations.

Data not only helps you understand your customers and agents, it provides the necessary information to measure the success of your digital transformation initiatives.

Data-driven initiatives are only possible if you have the right tools and processes to collect and analyse them. Cloud contact centre technologies can deliver the real-time and visual reporting features needed to support your CX initiatives.

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