Real business insight enables better decisions

Make better decisions and improve contact centre performance with insights provided by real-time dashboards and deep historical reporting.

Meeting your KPIs across all communication channels can be complicated and challenging

Premier Contact Point gives you access to critical real-time metrics and historical contact centre reports – displayed exactly how you want it, to help you make better decisions, improve service delivery and increase campaign results.

PCP Meeting KPIs
PCP Business Intelligence Reporting

Keep your fingers on the pulse

Premier Contact Point provides powerful, customisable and flexible real time dashboard and wallboard displays to help you optimise your contact centre performance and operations.

View performance everywhere

No matter where agents are located, your management team can track performance and administer changes quickly to ensure that business outcomes are achieved.

Maintain quality management

Call recordings can be manually initiated by agents, or automatically recorded by the system. Recordings are stored in our cloud-based interface, totally searchable and rapidly retrieved to facilitate monitoring and quality management – from anywhere.

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Since the introduction of Premier Contact Point's cloud contact centre solution at our organisation, we have seen a significant change for the better in our customer service to our thousands of club members and supporters. The reporting tools are fantastic, and with the use of historical data we’re able to tailor our service to suit our members’ and supporters’ needs. From when the platform was first implemented in 2015, right through to today, the support we’ve had from Premier’s staff has been fabulous. We now just can’t imagine working without it.

Lauren Wall, Customer Experience Team Leader, Geelong Cats

Analyse, adjust and improve – intelligently

Our suite of Business Intelligence reports give you every metric you need to analyse activities, performance and results quickly.
This means your strategic and operational decision-making process just got a whole lot faster.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the powerful pre-loaded contact centre reports

Benefits you will reap immediately

PCP business insights review call times

Review call times

Review average handling times, hour by hour, day by day, for inbound queues and outbound campaigns. Use historical snapshots to compare results after you’ve implemented changes.

PCP business insights agent productivity

Review agent productivity

How are your agents performing?  Are they meeting your targets? Do some need specific training or skilling up?  Are there days or times when you need to adjust levels of resources? Use these powerful reports to plan what you need to do to improve individual agent and overall contact centre performance.

PCP business insights dispositions

Review agent dispositions

Identify the top reasons customers call your contact centre and look at improving collateral and self-service capabilities to reduce call volumes and satisfy customers without needing an agent.

Total flexibility to manage your contact centre reports your way

Dashboards, wallboards and reports can be configured by each user to display whatever business insight they need, in the way they want it displayed.  No need to wait for our team or your IT people to do it for you.

Improve first call resolution

Review customer-agent interactions to determine agents’ strengths and weaknesses, adjust skill levels and implement accurate call routing.

Identify risks and opportunities

Analyse data to determine the drivers that have the most effect on peak contact centre performance.

Increase campaign results

Monitor outbound activity and campaign results so you can adjust list filtering, scripts and offers and measure the effects, tweak by tweak.

Knowledge is power.  We give you the tools to accelerate.