Inbound Call Centre Software

The quality of your customers’ experience starts from the moment they decide to contact you.

Customers just want to get in touch with the right person to help them, quickly and easily

Keep customers happy and handle their call with maximum efficiency using a customisable toolkit of inbound contact handling functionality. Our solution provides truly intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features and advanced Automatic Call Distribution queues, with flexible and dynamic call handling rules.

Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop script

Improve customer experience and contact centre efficiency

A diverse range of custom contact handling technologies can be deployed on each inbound answer point, including a flexible and sophisticated IVR platform to offer customers choices in how their contact is handled. This is complemented by a robust set of inbound queue handling rules to distribute and handle calls with maximum efficiency.

Once a contact is routed to an agent, the Agent Desktop provides a screenpop of all the relevant information needed to help them handle the call.

Inbound Features

Fully featured IVR

Automated Speech Recognition
Multiple languages

Automatic call distribution

Advanced call queuing and routing intelligently directs calls to the right agent. IVR and ACD solutions work together to provide faster, more efficient service.

Skills based routing

Calls can be routed to agents based on customer selection, service levels, agent skills, or a customisable range of additional metrics.

Custom messages on hold

Quickly and easily change your messages on hold. Customise messages for different queue streams – service, support, sales.

Overflow queuing

Manage unexpected call spikes by overflowing calls based on static or dynamic thresholds; calls can be redirected to other queues, recorded messages, voicemail, or external destinations.

Call recording

Calls can be automatically recorded to meet compliance or training requirements, and manually controlled by the agent.

Agent screen pop

Customer information is provided to the agent in the screenpop during the call. Call information recorded by the platform can be integrated with data from CRM systems for simple access.

External data lookup

Screenpop integration can provide access to customer or company data housed in an external database or CRM system and display it within the agent desktop.  Data can be read-only or two-way.

Multi channel

Whilst on the call, agents can quickly send the customer emails and SMS texts with links to self-service options or web pages, to facilitate customer resolution.

An inbound call centre solution which gives total control to contact centre managers

Contact centre managers have instant control over all the critical functions they need to monitor and manage the contact centre.
And because it’s all housed securely in the cloud, they can review, access and update what they need to from anywhere, at any time.

tracking contact centre KPIs

Real time monitoring

Our powerful real time dashboards display instant alerts when inbound volumes spike.  Quickly scale up with more agents or allocate outbound agents to assist.  Keep watch on key indicators like Grade of Service and take action as required.  Dashboards and wallboards can be configured to display information in a variety of ways.

Contact Centre Software Administration

On the fly updates

No waiting for third party providers to make changes to agent allocations or IVR messages.  It’s all easy to update, and available to your team within seconds.  And when it comes to User management, we’ve developed a simple interface which means you have the option to take control of user administration and workflows in-house.

PCP Business Intelligence Reporting

Intelligent business insights

Our market leading, intuitive Business Insight suite contains a broad range of pre-loaded, interactive visual reports and dashboards. You’ll gain valuable insights into call volumes, agent dispositions, Grades of Service and much more. Every user can customise the dashboard to display the stats they need – in the way they want.

Vital Software for Your Inbound Call Centre

The people and systems that operate your inbound call centre serve as ambassadors for your organisation.

When callers get to speak to a representative promptly and have their questions answered or problems resolved efficiently, customers come away feeling positive about your organisation and its customer service.

Our software solution, Premier Contact Point,  connects callers to available agents efficiently, facilitates efficient dissemination of information via multiple channels, and underpins the essence of a great customer experience which leaves the right impression.

What are the benefits of inbound call centre software?

Top-quality, leading edge inbound call centre software delivers three important benefits to companies of all sizes. 

1. Personalise your phone support

The best inbound call centre solutions allow you to track a customer’s journey right from initial contact through to resolution. This is critical for several reasons:

  • Your agents can personalise every customer call because they have instant access to the customer’s full history. 
  • Your customer service team can analyse the success rate of support strategies and use this data to boost first call resolution (FCR).
  • By recording the essential details, call centre software gives your team the tools they need to deliver the best possible service – this can enhance customer satisfaction and, in turn, increase customer retention.

2. Boost productivity

An intuitive inbound call centre solution empowers your agents to be more productive. They can respond to customer queries promptly, without the need to spend time searching for hidden information or switching between various systems.  Our solution integrates with most other systems, to allow the presentation of all vital customer information and company knowledge bases within the agent’s dashboard.

3. Optimise your customer service efforts

With Premier Contact Point’s inbound call centre solution, you can access real time reporting and historical analytics in countless ways, to give you the data you need to . Optimise your customer support efforts, make strategic changes, and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Inbound call centre solutions enhance FCR

First call resolution is one of the most important metrics for evaluating an inbound call centre’s capability and productivity.

Our contact centre solution has a proven track record in boosting first call resolution rates through increased efficiencies.

Make the switch today

Leave outdated communication technology in the past. Make the switch to a streamlined inbound call centre solution and give your customers the positive experience they deserve. Get in touch with our friendly team today to see Premier Contact Point in action and discover how truly cost effective it is.