Our customisation process

We customise Premier Contact Point and your solutions to work together seamlessly

Contact centre customisation solutions

Your agents need to be equipped with the right tools and information so that they can concentrate on delivering consistently excellent service to your customers.

No matter what type of solutions (or how many) you are currently using, we can ensure that your agents get instant, intuitive access to the right information, all within their contact centre agent desktop.

Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop script
Premier Contact Point helps drive continuous growth

How we customise your Premier solution

Our customisation team works closely with you to map your business processes and customise integration of your business solutions, so functionality and data is seamlessly aligned with objectives, people, processes and data sources.

During our 30 years of software development, our solution architects have developed many integration solutions for multiple technology platforms, to ensure our customers continue to derive maximum value from the solutions and investments they’ve already made.

Not only can we customise Premier Contact Point and your solutions to work together seamlessly, we can guide you on industry best practice to help you improve customer satisfaction levels and increase efficiency in your contact centre – leading to better results and lower costs.

Common issues

Issue 1
Legacy systems hinder deliver first call resolution

A customer should not be transferred to separate agents in order to get help. Ideally agents should be able to assist the customer on one single solution. However in many organisations, legacy CRM and other systems contain siloed customer and product information, not accessible to all agents.   We can develop integrated access to multiple systems within the agent desktop to give agents everything they need, as they need it.

Issue 2
Multiple channels increase average handling time

Many businesses harness the efficiency dividends provided by contact blending, where agents are working on multiple channels. To reduce average handling time, agents need one seamless view of the customer and ideally one piece of technology they work in. The Premier Contact Point agent desktop helps meet this challenge by giving agents access to all contact centre channels in a single unified agent desktop.

Issue 3
Reporting data from multiple systems

Supervisors and management teams rely on historical data, often from multiple systems, to plan future operations. We can customise your reporting and introduce advanced analysis features to aid forecasting and make decision making faster and easier.

Contact centre customisation possibilities

We have extensive experience in customising a wide range of technologies with Premier Contact Point.  We also regularly customise workflows, workforce management, analytics, reporting, and more, to ensure our clients end up with technology that works together exactly how they want it to.


We recently worked with an insurance company to simplify and improve the workflow for agents.  Their integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM system consisted of embedded screens and popups of all the CRM’s information options, creating a confusing and cumbersome array of screens and information for the agents.

How we customised:

  • We customised the integration and workflow so that the agent’s view was simplified, and the highly intuitive workflow presented them with only the information they needed, as they needed it.
  • We ensured that information about the customer interaction automatically populates the CRM, guaranteeing that the customer history is accurate and reliable. This includes population of all non-agent, purely self-service interactions.
  • We customised the delivery of productivity and workflow analytics through our dashboards to facilitate overall management by back-office management teams.

Not only was the agent experience and productivity significantly enhanced, but one of our client’s most welcome benefits of this customisation was the 75% reduction in monthly CRM license fees.