The Business contact centre solution

More than ever, businesses across all sectors need to offer their customers simple and immediate contact options across all channels – and improve the customer experience at every touch point, if they are to remain competitive.

Today’s business challenges

  • Global competitive pressure
  • Emergence of micro-multinationals
  • Rising commodity prices
  • More complex trade and market conditions
  • Rapid technological innovation and adaptation
  • Delivering customer interactions across multiple communication channels
  • Pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns

How we help business meet these challenges

We help businesses to build their virtual contact centres into a key competitive advantage in the market by providing efficient, unified, multi-channel contact centres.  After deployment, our support team is there with you to help your contact centre meet your goals.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Delighting customers with fast, efficient and helpful service has become a significant competitive differentiator.


Using our cloud based solution, your in-house and remotely located agents can provide a centralised customer support service for all your sites – whether they are separated by suburbs, states, or even international boundaries.

Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the agent best equipped to do so.

Our self service options allow customers to select the right destination, access self-help, or forward their call to other areas.  Ideal for handling simple transactions that don’t need live agent interaction.

We can integrate your core applications into the agent desktop (via contact centre integration) so that everything agents need is available within a single application.

Case Study

A leading Australian industrial generator company needed a Contact Centre solution with an inbuilt CRM capability, which could centralise enquiries from multiple sites to a single virtual centre and support optimum sales workflows.

We rapidly customised and implemented Premier Contact Point to provide a cost effective solution which delivered

  • Integrated database lookup and workflows aligned with key business processes
  • Intelligent call routing to find the best agent for every call
  • Accurate analytics and reporting capabilities
The Outcomes

Improved productivity in customer service, increased sales from connecting sales calls to the right sales staff and better business insights.

Improve your sales and collection results

Giving your sales agents instant access to customer data and history, product information and tailored scripts will make them more motivated and productive.


Integrate email, SMS and Web Chat into your outbound campaigns to maximise reach. Screenpop customer purchase history with aligned product options, and use speech analytics to enhance sales campaign strategies.

When you combine list filtering with predictive, power or preview dialling and efficient answering machine detection, your agents spend more time talking to prospects and less time waiting for calls.

Create a scripted process, screenpop customer information and empower agents to offer collection options that meet your corporate policies. Combine this with the power of automated “payment due” SMS reminder texts with payment or call links, and see your outstanding debt rate shrink.