The Education contact centre solution

It is not just the education, but the overall student experience that counts towards
maintaining an edge in the competitive education sector.

Today’s education sector challenges

  • Coping with seasonal fluctuations in student needs
  • Managing diverse student and parent expectations
  • Delivering effective customer service across multiple channels
  • Balancing customer service delivery with financial and staffing limitations
  • Maintaining market share in the face of increased competition

How we help the education sector meet the challenges

Our flexible and scalable cloud-based education contact centre platform helps educational institutions to effectively manage the seasonal high and low activity periods and provide superior service levels to students and parents.

Our technical and consultative teams work closely with your contact centre management  teams to configure and deploy the solution that best meets your requirements, and can be quickly scaled to cope with peaks and troughs.

After deployment, our support team is there with you to help your contact centre meet your goals. We don’t abandon you to cope with self-service support.

Improve your student experience

How enquiries are handled will directly impact the experience of a current student as well as influence the decisions of prospective students.


We can integrate your core applications into the agent desktop so your team members have the tools they need to look up or answer student queries in real time, within a single application.

Our self-service options allow students to access resources to resolve routine transactions themselves – from recorded messages, to complex IVR integration for account management, password changes and so on.

Our intelligent routing system ensures that inbound queries are handled by the resource with the right skills and knowledge.

Keep customers informed of waiting times and offer a call back service.  You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time so you can take appropriate resourcing action.

Our multi-channel solutions enable your staff to provide seamless service via the customer’s preferred channel – voice, email, web chat or SMS.

Automate outbound alerts when registration deadlines are approaching or reminders for fee payments, using smart tools like predictive diallers and voice or SMS Blasters.