The Finance contact centre solution

Financial organisations face more challenges than ever when it comes to delivering remarkable customer service and maintaining market share

Today’s finance sector challenges

  • A wide range of products and services to manage
  • Integration of multiple business units
  • Complex business processes
  • High volumes of customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Security and compliance
  • Pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns

How we help financial institutions meet these challenges

Our cloud based finance contact centre solution has helped many financial institutions to deliver the type of experiences that keep customers coming back. Our solution has proven to increase productivity, extend capabilities, simplify operations and deliver a healthy ROI.

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Thanks to the capability of our Premier Contact Point project manager, the implementation of the solution was flawless.

Greg Wilson, System & Network Administrator, Summerland Credit Union

Improve your inbound customer experience levels

Reducing customer frustration and making it easy and quick to get the answers they need, increases loyalty and reduces customer churn.


Our self service options allow customers to select the right destination, access self-help, or forward their call to other areas.

Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the agent best equipped to do so.

We can integrate your core applications into the agent desktop so that everything agents need is available within a single application.

Keep customers informed of wait times and offer a call back service or voicemail.  You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time so you can take appropriate resourcing action, or configure automated overflow routing to kick in when thresholds are breached.


When the Staff Credit Union of a major Australian company joined forces with a bank to broaden their customer reach, they wanted an agile, class leading solution that could:

  • accommodate a major digital transition project
  • integrate with the bank’s internal systems
  • later be expanded with enhanced customer experience solutions

Premier Contact Point was selected as the best solution for current and future integration and multi-channel needs.


We provided business process consultation, blended voice services, and facilities to accommodate future multiple banking and CRM integrations.  We’re also delighted to be involved with their future digital expansion project which involves a substantial program of works.

Improve your sales and collection results

Giving your sales agents instant access to customer data and history, product information and tailored scripts will make them more motivated and productive.


Integrate email, SMS and Web Chat into your outbound campaigns to maximise reach.  Screenpop customer purchase history with aligned product options, and use speech analytics to enhance sales campaign strategies.

When you combine list filtering with predictive, power or preview dialling and efficient answering machine detection, your agents spend more time talking to prospects and less time waiting for calls.

Create a scripted process, screenpop customer information and empower agents to offer collection options that meet your corporate policies.  Combine this with the power of automated “payment due” SMS reminder texts with payment or call links, and see your outstanding debt rate shrink.