The Healthcare contact centre solution

Delivering quality patient care and improving customer satisfaction are two of the many challenges faced by providers in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment.

Today’s healthcare challenges

  • Meeting customer expectations for high quality service
  • Delivering greater levels of care to an ageing population
  • Coping with rapid changes in technology
  • Providing seamless service, often using “siloed” resources
  • Maintaining administrative records and collections efficiently
  • Working within budgetary and staffing constraints
  • Ensuring transparency for regulatory and legal compliance

How we help healthcare contact centres to meet these challenges

We have helped healthcare providers to improve business processes and service delivery through our cloud based contact centre solutions.

We understand that changing technology, channels and procedures can be a stressful time for all.  Our thorough onboarding process and ongoing support makes the transition smooth and efficient.

  • Our technical and contact centre specialists work with all stakeholders to plan, configure, customise and deploy the solution which best meets your corporate objectives and operational requirements.
  • During and after deployment our support team trains your supervisors and staff to ensure they are productive and efficient as quickly as possible.

Our support team is always there to help, whenever you need them. We don’t just help to fix problems – we’re there with you to provide advice, training, and suggestions to help your healthcare contact centre grow and improve.

Phoenix Health Fund logo

Phoenix Health Fund has used cloud-based solution Premier Contact Point for the last 5 years. The system enables us to manage our member communications with flexible and responsive real-time and historical monitoring tools and full call recording capabilities for compliance purposes. The implementation process and training were very straightforward and we receive prompt support when we request it.

Sharon Waterhouse,  CEO, Phoenix Health Fund


Intelligent IVR systems allow customers to access self-help, select the right destination or forward their call to other areas.

Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the person best equipped to do so.

We can integrate your administrative and patient information systems and your back office workspace into the agent desktop so your team members have the tools they need to look up or answer patient queries in real time.

Keep customers informed of waiting times and offer a call back service or voicemail.  You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time so you can take appropriate resourcing action.  This is particularly useful during emergency peak periods.

Our multi-channel solutions enable your healthcare contact centre staff to provide seamless service via the patient’s preferred channel – voice, email, web chat or SMS.  Ideal for improving patient outreach for administrative functions such as appointments, education, preparation requirements, medication reminders, etc.

Integrating patient administrative records with your healthcare contact centre desktop gives your team instant access to outstanding accounts.  Couple this with multiple payment options and payment arrangements, and your collection rates will significantly improve.

Improve staff job satisfaction

Introducing self-help options for simple transactions will reduce the amount of routine calls.
Staff job satisfaction increases because they are actually spending more time helping people.