The Not for Profit contact centre solution

Not For Profit organisations need to get the best possible results for their limited budgets; efficiency is the key.

Challenges for the Not For Profit sector

  • Changes in government policy and the impact on grants
  • Attracting private funding
  • Growing need for their services
  • Greater scrutiny of operational and budget efficiency
  • An increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Limited budgets and high expectations

How we help Not for Profits to meet these challenges

We help leading Not for Profit organisations to better manage service delivery during peak demand periods and substantially improve productivity and efficiency.  Our Not For Profit Contact Centre solution enhances critical fundraising activity using efficient, powerful and flexible outbound campaign technologies.  These include the industry-leading predictive dialler, intuitive agent desktop tools, and comprehensive campaign support that helps contact centres get in touch with more supporters.

Improve your inbound customer experience

When people contact a charity, they often need help quickly. Delays in reaching someone to talk to might be misconstrued as uncaring and increase despair. Giving your team the tools to provide help quickly and effectively helps you deliver your promise.


Keep customers informed of wait times and offer a call back service or voicemail. You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time so you can take appropriate resourcing action, or configure automated overflow routing to kick in when thresholds are breached.

Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the agent best equipped to do so.

Our self service options allow customers to select the right destination, access self-help, or forward their call to other areas.

We can integrate your core applications into the agent desktop so that everything agents need is available within a single application.

Our cloud based solution enables you to quickly and effectively roster staff and volunteers to manage peaks and emergency situations.  No matter where they’re located, they have access to the contact centre workspace and the information they need to swing into action.


A large Australian charity with inadequate legacy systems, was at risk of losing Government funding due to tens of thousands of abandoned calls.   We not only provided an advanced solution that met all their requirements; we completed the custom configuration, onboarding, testing and training within two and half weeks.


The charity retained their Government funding and experienced a substantial improvement in productivity. This meant they could help far more people than they had ever been able to achieve before, which they are extremely happy about.

Improve your donation results

Agents are motivated and perform better when they spend more time talking to real people, have the right tools at their fingertips and can focus on their customer instead of the technology.


Answering machine detection and the industry-leading predictive dialler combine to significantly increase agent talk time, so agents spend their time talking to prospects instead of manually dialling and listening to busy tones.

Create custom campaign scripts and provide agents with a screenpop of customer donation history, donation/support options and upcoming events, so they can easily personalise each call.