The Retail and Services contact centre solution

Customer loyalty and repeat business isn’t something you can count on.
It is earned by delivering a great customer experience as well as a quality product or service.

Today’s retail and service business challenges

  • Prolific use of digital channels for shopping and interaction
  • Increasing expectations for contact centres
  • Globalisation of the world economy
  • Shift from product to customer experience focus
  • Rapid technological innovation
  • Delivering customer interactions across multiple communication channels
  • Increased security issues
  • Pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns
  • Compliance with trade, industry and government regulations

How we help meet these challenges

We help businesses to build their contact centres into a key competitive advantage by providing efficient, unified, multi-channel contact centres.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Our solutions help retailers and service providers to deliver fully featured, personalised, multi-channel customer experiences


Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the agent best equipped to do so.

We can integrate your core CRM or ERP applications into the agent desktop so your agents have all the customer information they need at their fingertips, within a single application.

Keep customers informed of wait times and offer a call back service or other self-service options.  You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time, and take appropriate resourcing action as needed.

Our self-service options allow customers to select the right destination, access self-help or forward their call to other areas.  Ideal for handling simple transactions that don’t need live agent interaction.

Our true cloud based solution provides agents and managers with access to a single centralised platform, no matter where they’re located in the world.

For businesses requiring online payments, we can integrate our online payment solution into our contact centre solution to give you a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.

We can integrate voice, email, SMS and web chat into your contact centre channels so that your customers can contact you the way that they prefer.


A large ambulance service with multiple small contact centres decided that economically and operationally, moving away from an equipment-intensive system to a cloud based solution was the right choice for their business critical disaster recovery needs.

We custom designed and implemented the following:

  • a micro-tenant environment with separated access to data and reporting,
  • a stand-alone cloud based IVR recording service with easy access to recordings,
  • a geographic redundant Disaster Recovery system for mission critical teams

The Ambulance Service is very pleased with the increases they’ve achieved in functionality, efficiency and productivity.

Improve your sales results

Giving your sales agents instant access to customer data and history, product information
and tailored scripts will make them more motivated and productive.


Screenpop customer purchase history, attributes and aligned product options within the agent desktop; and utilise speech analytics to enhance sales campaign strategies.

Answering machine detection and the industry-leading predictive dialler combine to significantly increase agent talk time, so agents spend their time talking to prospects instead of manually dialling and listening to busy tones.

Create a scripted process, screenpop customer information and empower agents to offer collection options that meet your corporate policies.

Case Study

A leading AFL club with ageing technology was struggling to handle massive bursts in membership renewals at certain times.  They needed a modern, multichannel system to cope with highly variable call volumes, emails and payments, using disciplined workflows.

We rapidly customised and implemented Premier Contact Point to provide a cost effective solution which delivered

  • An advanced inbound solution with multimedia capabilities
  • IVR avalanche to provide effectively “unlimited” inbound call capacity
  • Web Callback option to enable customers to request a call back
  • Rapid implementation of a cost effective pay as you go facility
  • Accurate analytics and reporting capabilities
The Results?

Improved capacity to handle membership renewals and increased sales from an optimised membership drive workflow. Forward planning improved through better insights into call volumes and timing.