The Utilities contact centre solution

In a market where good customer service is the most critical differentiator, a multi-channel contact centre delivering exceptional outcomes for customers, is vital.

Today’s challenges for utilities

  • Managing constantly increasing customer expectations
  • Delivering effective customer service across multi-channel platforms
  • Balancing customer service delivery with financial limitations
  • Facing competition and customer churn
  • Coping with increased customer usage delivered by an ageing infrastructure
  • Dealing with increased regulations and monitoring
  • Managing complex collections in a regulated environment
  • Handling increasingly complex interactions from educated consumers

How we help utilities to meet the challenges

Our cloud-based utilities contact centre solution has helped our utility customers to deliver better customer service, increase their efficiency, cut contact centre costs, and better manage regulatory compliance.

We fully understand the challenges involved with implementing change, particularly when it comes to new technology and new channels.

  • Our technical and contact centre specialists work closely with all stakeholders to plan, customise and deploy the solution that best meets your customer experience vision and operational regulatory requirements.
  • During and after deployment our support teams work closely with your staff to ensure they are productive as quickly as possible.

Our support team is always there to help, whenever you need them. We don’t just help to fix problems – we’re there with you to provide advice, training, and suggestions to help your contact centre grow and improve.

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A big thank you and well done to the Premier Contact Point team for delivering an exceptional piece of technology. Their knowledge combined with our team’s hard work ensured that the project was delivered on time and with minimal disruption. It was great to see everyone working together. Thanks again and well done!

Damon Bayley, Customer Operations Team Leader – Customer & Strategy, Melbourne Water

Improve your customer experience and satisfaction

Reducing customer frustration and making it easy and quick to get the answers they need increases customer satisfaction and reduces customer churn. Developing a customer experience strategy starts with your vision of the right customer experience. This vision will define the optimal operating model, as well as the high-priority activities to focus on.


Our self-service options allow customers to access self-help, select the right destination or forward their call to other areas.

Our flexible skills-based routing feature ensures that every call is answered by the person best equipped to do so.

We can integrate your core applications into the agent desktop so your agents have the tools they need to look up or answer customer queries in real time within a single application.

Keep customers informed of waiting times and offer a call back service or self-service options.  You can also monitor abandoned call rates in real time and take appropriate resourcing action if required.

Our multi-channel solution enables your contact centre staff to provide seamless service via the customer’s preferred channel – voice, email, chat or SMS.

Outages and natural disasters can wreak havoc on customer satisfaction. The ability to rapidly scale to handle spikes in call volumes, and to proactively provide multi channel service updates, will help you appear accessible and responsive when your customers most need it.


After conducting research into the options available, a leading Australian Energy company chose Premier Contact Point as the best solution to meet their current and future needs.  Here’s a synopis of the story.

(NOTE: To respect our customers’ privacy, we don’t reveal company names on this website.)

  • Using an aged system
  • Needed a system that could easily scale as their business grows
  • Require a best-in-class blended solution
  • System integration requirements include workforce management and Oracle billing
  • Important to achieve streamlined service delivery across multiple telecommunication services
  • Provided indepth business optimisation consulting, customisation and extensive testing
  • Implemented Premier Contact Point for inbound, outbound and blended call requirements
  • Integrated our Workforce Optimisation solution and Oracle billing
  • High satisfaction among contact centre staff resulting in increased productivity
  • Improved workforce management capabilities highly valued by management team

Improve your sales and collection results

Giving your agents instant access to customer data and history, product information and tailored scripts will help make them more motivated and productive.


Create a scripted process, screen-pop customer information and empower agents to offer collection options that meet corporate policies. Combine multiple channels of proactive communication to engage more customers, more quickly.

Screen-pop customer purchase history and aligned product options within a single, integrated agent desktop application.

The combination of answering machine detection and our industry-leading predictive dialler, signficantly increase agent talk time  so they spend all their time talking to prospects and don’t waste time manually dialling and listening to busy tones.