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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Deliver the best path forward for your inbound calls with an intelligent IVR solution. An effective IVR will enable your contact centre to deliver an easy and enjoyable customer experience by removing common contact centre pain points like long call queues, wait times and seriously stressed call staff!

See our advanced IVR capabilities in action

Begin your customer success story with the right IVR solution

The modern customer demands an efficient contact centre response without the common pain points delivered by so many of today’s over-stretched, under-resourced contact centres.

Visual IVR

Delight customers through an app-like experience on their smartphones, enabling them to provide agents with rich information relating to their call. Or, create intuitive self-service workflows allowing customers to easily find the right answer through a series of personalised menus and screens.

No-code design

The drag and drop workflow designer allows you to easily customise flows in real time. Our solution supports integration with a range of open APIs to share information with your core business systems and create solutions that meet your business requirements. Fully supported by our Australian-based support team.

IVR reporting

Actionable insights with class-leading BI reporting that allows you to create dashboards and reports  the way you need them. Or, choose from a host of out-of-the-box reports that meets most requirements. Blend other data sets to create powerful, whole-of-organisation reports allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Personalised contact management

Inbuilt customer contact management to help staff deliver a personalised customer experience, reduce average handling times and inbound contact volumes. Route contacts to the most suitable agents and immediately display vital customer information like customer details, interaction history and last contact notes.

Speech enabled

Make it easy for callers to get where they need to fast, particularly when driving, with a speech enabled IVR for menu selections. Accuracy can be further enhanced with natural language understanding.

Local Australian

Class leading technology still requires class leading support. Leverage Premier’s 35+ years of expertise in supporting Australian organisations to deliver exceptional customer service across voice and digital channels.

Easily create intuitive workflows

Simply create, document and validate common administration tasks through intuitive workflows using our class-leading workflow design app. Our no-code design tool allows managers to carry out all required system administration tasks with ease.

IVR system

Integration made easy with Premier Contact Point IVR Solutions

Our intelligent IVR solution delivers a user-friendly experience by seamlessly integrating with all the major business tools your organisation relies on.

By streamlining your data between apps, your day just got a little bit easier with the reduced manual processing, file sharing and editing that was once just a part of the contact centre routine.

The Premier Contact Point Difference

We are the Australian experts in contact centre technology.

Premier Contact Point provides a customer contact management platform, plus the knowledge and support that comes with 35+ years of experience working with contact centres across a broad range of industry sectors. Our cloud contact centre solution includes Visual IVR, class-leading real-time and historical BI reporting, customer contact management, speech analytics, quality assurance, workforce management as well as APIs to integrate with your existing platforms.

We specialise in setting up businesses with a cloud contact centre solution for the first time as well as replacing existing customer contact systems. Whether you need better features such as class-leading reporting, speech analytics, or simply a dependable cloud contact centre solution to run your business, we can help.