Improve customer experience and contact centre efficiency

The quality of your customers’ experience starts from the moment they decide to contact you.
Agent Desktop contact management

Give your customers a personalised experience

This highly useful feature will allow your staff to deliver a personalised customer experience by providing the agent with available information on the customer’s previous interactions with your organisation. Agents will be able to greet the caller by name, view any customer specific notes and instructions, as well as the agent contact history across all contact channels.

Calls and emails that are received from known phone numbers and email addresses will trigger the ‘Customer Contact Management’ feature to display the customers details when the contact is connected to your agents.

Customer Comments and Notes

There are two methods that agents can use to save customer specific information that will be available to assist agents to handle customer interactions. The ‘Comments’ field is used to record short, summarised customer information that can be viewed at a glance, and the ‘Customer Notes’ field allows agents to record detailed information and includes a range of text formatting options.

Contact Notes

For each customer contact, whether it be voice, email, webchat or SMS, agents can save a contact note for an existing customer record. Contact notes are used by agents to save specific information, such as what the customer was enquiring about and any follow up actions that might need to be taken.

Customer Contact History

Customer contact history is also accessible on an existing customer record. This powerful feature provides agents with a complete view of every contact the customer had across all contact channels. In addition to contact NOTES that previous agents have saved, the contact HISTORY includes other useful information, such as the date and time of their last contact as well as the name of the agent who handled their last contact.

Microsoft teams logo

Agent efficiency and collaboration through Teams integration

Premier Contact Point leverages the power of Microsoft Teams enabling agents to take customer experience to the next level. Agents can easily collaborate with colleagues, both in and out of the contact centre, to achieve first call resolution and productivity is improved through the reduction of average call handling times.

The Teams integration includes the automatic synchronisation of Teams contacts as well as the ability to search for a specific contact. Agents can quickly identify a colleagues’ presence status to determine their availability to receive a call transfer or join a 3-way conference, either of which can be enabled via the fast and accurate single click-to-call feature.

If one or more colleagues appear to be busy, agents can send a Teams chat to request information or check if they are available to take a call transfer, without having to leave the Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop.

Agent Teams Integration

Customers just want to get in touch with the right person to help them, quickly and easily

Keep customers happy and handle their call with maximum efficiency using a customisable toolkit of inbound contact handling functionality. Our solution provides truly intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features and advanced Automatic Call Distribution queues, with flexible and dynamic call handling rules.

A diverse range of custom contact handling technologies can be deployed on each inbound answer point, including a flexible and sophisticated IVR platform to offer customers choices in how their contact is handled. This is complemented by a robust set of inbound queue handling rules to distribute and handle calls with maximum efficiency.

Fully featured IVR

Automated Speech Recognition
Multiple languages

Automatic call distribution

Advanced call queuing and routing intelligently directs calls to the right agent. IVR and ACD solutions work together to provide faster, more efficient service.

Skills based routing

Calls can be routed to agents based on customer selection, service levels, agent skills, or a customisable range of additional metrics.

Custom messages on hold

Quickly and easily change your messages on hold. Customise messages for different queue streams – service, support, sales.

Overflow queuing

Manage unexpected call spikes by overflowing calls based on static or dynamic thresholds; calls can be redirected to other queues, recorded messages, voicemail, or external destinations.

Call recording

Calls can be automatically recorded to meet compliance or training requirements, and manually controlled by the agent.

Agent screen pop

Customer information is provided to the agent in the screenpop during the call. Call information recorded by the platform can be integrated with data from CRM systems for simple access.

External data lookup

Screenpop integration can provide access to customer or company data housed in an external database or CRM system and display it within the agent desktop.  Data can be read-only or two-way.

Multi channel

Whilst on the call, agents can quickly send the customer emails and SMS texts with links to self-service options or web pages, to facilitate customer resolution.