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Provide extraordinary customer service

Premier Contact Point helps you to deliver an extraordinary contact centre customer experience – every time across any customer interaction type.

Exceed customer expectations and build enduring relationships

How your customers feel about the service they receive from your contact centre is crucial. It will heavily influence their decision on whether to stay with you or take their business elsewhere.

What they really want is great customer service.

  • They want to be served quickly
  • They want the process to be easy
  • They want to be heard by someone who really can help them
  • They want the right answers or their problem solved, the first time

Premier Contact Point helps you to deliver an extraordinary contact centre customer experience management– every time.

But it’s not just about technology. The right contact centre solution helps you build enduring relationships with your customers.

Mobility Workflow

We’re for easy and enjoyable customer experiences

Digital engagement is no longer optional, and the experience needs to be seamless across channels and touchpoints. It is crucial that your customers have choice around how they engage with you, and how you make it easy for them, irrespective of the channel.

Premier’s customer contact solution helps OLGR to improve the customer experience by routing calls to internal staff who are best equipped to handle the enquiry. OLGR have found Premier’s support team to be prompt, efficient and more than willing to go the extra mile to address any concerns raised.
Robert Lovrincevic
Manager – Licensing Division, Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Depart of Justice and Attorney-General
Mobility Workflow
premier contact point
Omnichannel Agent Desktop

Tools to help you deliver a better customer experience

Interactive voice response

Inbound callers automatically greeted and invited to select the type of help they want such as self-service or speaking to an agent.  Speech recognition provides an even simpler interface allowing callers to simply speak what they need. More

Intelligent call routing

Callers automatically routed to the right agent based on customer profile, agent skills and availability. During peak periods, the system can invite customers to request a call back at a time that best suits them, or to leave a voicemail message.

Self service options

Reduce queues by giving your callers the choice to access self-help options to resolve their enquiry. Ideal for information updates, and simple transactions that don’t require agent assistance. You reduce queue lengths and free up your agents to handle more complex matters. More

Email and SMS facilities

During or after their call, agents can quickly send emails using pre-prepared responses or sms messages containing a link to add further value to the interaction.  Omnichannel communications are recorded within the client record.  More

Screenpop integration

We can integrate your CRM or ERP data right into the agent desktop so they have access to the data they need to provide efficient, informed assistance to customers whilst on the call, within a single application.  Agents will never need to juggle multiple screens again.  More

Visual IVR to mobiles

Reduce call abandonment rates, increase self-service usage and improve the customer experience by displaying options – right to their mobile phone. And during and after the call, you can continue to send information and links to their phone to complement the call discussion.  More

Call recording

Our system provides automatic and manual call recording – so calls can be automatically recorded, or stopped if the customer requests, or when it’s time to take credit card details.  Ideal for training purposes to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction.  More

Post call survey

Keep track of customer satisfaction levels by polling customers after the call. Deliver surveys by IVR at call completion, or by SMS or email.  Survey responses tracked in BI reports and provide valuable insight into market sentiment and agent performance.


Customer Experience (CX) is how a business or brand interacts with customers at every stage of the customer journey. This includes sales and customer services. CX is the entirety of interactions a customer has with a brand. 

Customer experience is more than a process. It involves and shapes emotions. How do your customers or prospects feel about your brand? After all, a brand is simply the perceptions in people’s minds. It is the impression. At every customer touch point, you can improve (or damage) your customers’ perception of you. Important decisions must be made for every step. These decisions affect the success of your business.

Why is customer experience important? When products are similar or commoditised, customers differentiate brands based on perceived experiences more than features. 

Customers want connected relationships with their favourite brands. Meaningful emotional experience can help to encourage loyal followers. Customers want to feel understood when buying from companies they trust. Interactions should align with values and preferences. 

The following factors includence customers’ opinions, feelings and thoughts of brands. 

  • Marketing campaigns that fulfil needs and wants
  • User-friendly e-commerce navigation  
  • Sales and customer service strategies for B2B and B2C 
  • Integrated customer data in the departments and systems that need the information

Thorough genuine understanding leads to customer satisfaction and business success.

  • Clearly defined goals and strategies for CX 
  • Thought leadership from executives 
  • Integration of information and operations from corporate departments, back offices and all delivery channels  
  • Adaptation based on customer/user feedback and data  
  • Integrated digital tracking of customers’ digital and face-to-face journeys 
  • Strong moments of truth from all staff  
  • Data-driven decisions based on insights from analytics 

A customer experience (CX) strategy plans tactics to be implemented to create meaningful differentiated interactions and perceptions. This includes all the strategies and implementations that go into marketing communications, services, billing, fulfilment and more. The strategy should consider competitive analysis, customer and market research data, objectives, organisational strategies, value propositions, unique selling propositions and any other factors that influence perceived differentiation.

An ideal customer experience encompasses multiple forms of communication and delivery of value including advertising, social media, online/offline purchasing, enquiries and customer service. These aspects should be targeted to the needs of individual customers. It is not a one-size-fits-all, especially in this day and age. Loyal customers expect to be rewarded. The customer experience should be streamlined. Whenever they interact with staff, all these people should understand their needs and problems to solve. Integrated unified data will connect the departments or functions in a business to create a consistent interaction.

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