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Cloud contact centre

Premier Contact Point is a class leading cloud contact centre solution meeting today’s customer expectations.

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of retail CEOs say personalising the customer experience is a strategic priority for their companies


of customer believes that businesses are doing a good job in their personalisation efforts


of customers are more likely to engage further after a positive customer service experience

We’re for easy and enjoyable customer experiences

Digitally-empowered customers redefine competition in the Age of the Customer

They expect near instantaneous service – and they want support by their preferred method – which could be phone, email, chat, SMS or social.

They don’t want to have to repeat themselves – they expect your contact centre agents to have their details and all conversations at their fingertips.

Get it wrong – and not only will they quickly turn to a competitor; they’ll broadcast their dissatisfaction to the world – in an instant.

Get it right – and they might also broadcast it to the world and bring you new customers.

And when it comes to acquiring new customers or increasing collections – your outbound call centre team members also need the right data and systems to be truly productive and efficient.

What are cloud contact centre solutions?

Cloud contact centre solutions are web-based applications that are used by customer facing and back office teams to deliver customer service and support efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cloud contact centre technology is incredibly versatile and enables your customers to connect with your business in the way that they prefer – via voice, email, mobile, chat or SMS.

Because they are cloud-based, hosted contact centre solution can be run from any location and from any device that has a browser and internet access.

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Four critical benefits of a cloud contact centre solutions

Why a cloud contact centre solution is the right choice

Regardless of your industry, cloud-based contact centre solutions offer a myriad of time and cost-saving benefits for both inbound and outbound calls.

Let’s take a look at four of the most critical advantages, all of which assist you to substantially improve productivity and customer experience.

1. Better service options

Premier’s cloud contact centre solution, gives your customers the power of choice. They can choose to get instant help through our easy-to-use self-service options including visual IVR, whilst retaining human-centred service by being able to request help from an agent at any point throughout the self-service workflow.

Take your contact centre to the cloud and enable personalised experiences for your staff and customers, on any channel, at any time, which ever choice they make, our sophisticated cloud contact centre technology makes it easy for them to connect, and for you to keep track of interactions. And that means improved first contact resolution and customer satisfaction.

of consumers

expect businesses to know their unique needs and expectation


Average savings reported by cloud-based call centres with 500-seats (Zippia)

2. Reduced operating costs

When you make the switch to our cloud contact centre solution, you’ll start saving money from day one. Your agents only need a computer, internet access, and a headset – that’s it. No more capital expenditure on on-premise technology. Furthermore, you can quickly scale up or down to meet fluctuating demand, only paying for the licences you need, as you need them.

3. Technology that adapts

In today’s fast-paced business world, your business needs a scalable, agile communication solution. Our cloud contact centre software, Premier Contact Point, is easily customisable which means we can adapt it and integrate it with other systems you use, to ensure it always meets your needs, no matter how, or when they change.

of contact centres

believe the cloud has increased employee engagement and satisfaction in their organisation (Calabrio)

of customers

feel most businesses need to improve the training of their customer service agents (HubSpot)

4. Real-time management

Being able to access real-time reports quickly and easily to monitor agents and assess how your business is handling its customer interactions is critical to delivering an excellent customer experience. Premier Contact Point provides powerful, flexible real-time contact centre dashboard and wallboard displays to help monitor results, and optimise operations and performance throughout the day. Your agents monitor their progress against KPIs, and your team leaders will receive alerts on issues impacting your key metrics to facilitate quick action and bring performance back on track.

Contact Centre as a Service - done right

To meet the new challenges of enhanced customer experience you need:

Unified Desktop

To give your agents access to a full range of customer, product and transactional information from one centralised desktop


To gear up to handle a greater number of customer interactions, seamlessly across a variety of channels

Business insights

To monitor, manage and forecast quickly and accurately to meet service needs and financial goals.

Local support

To be able to rely on fast, live technical support whenever you need it

Tools to help you overcome these challenges

Digital engagement is no longer optional, and the experience needs to be seamless across channels and touchpoints. It is crucial that your customers have choice around how they engage with you, and how you make it easy for them, irrespective of the channel.

Our cloud contact centre solution delivers everything you need to build enduring relationships with your customers, and much more. The outstanding features of our call centre technology include . . .


Communicate with customers on
their preferred channel


We tailor our solution to fit your strategic objectives and operating needs


Expands and contracts quickly to match
your business peak & troughs


Get your agents up and running quickly with an attractive, easy to use interface


We can seamlessly integrate with
your CRM or ERP systems


Performance and functionality upgrades,
with fast Australian-based live support


Available 24/7 to agents anywhere
with a phone and internet access


Your customised solution can be designed
and operational within weeks, not months


High redundancy & continuity, inbuilt disaster recovery and PCI DSS payment facilities

Premier Contact Point

We are the Australian experts in cloud contact centre technologies

Explore our blog where we have shared articles and insights form our leadership team of locally based cloud contact centre technology experts

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Depending on the call centre solution provider, traditionally, a call centre provides the software and tools to successfully manage inbound calls alongside other voice interactions to provide customer support efficiently and effectively. Today’s call centres can deliver omnichannel support and cloud-based calling solutions to deliver the cutting edge of customer service and support to ensure customer satisfaction on their preferred communications channel.

Traditionally, a contact centre operates as the front line of an organisation for its customers and prospects. The goal is to provide specialised support and services for inbound calls to the organisation quickly and efficiently. Eliminating call drop-offs, extensive wait times and poor customer satisfaction ratings are the most common reasons for deploying call centre software, including cloud-based call centre technology.

When reviewing the options of call centre platforms and call centre software in Australia, the best fit for your organisation ultimately comes down to your organisation’s size, the volume of calls, compatibility with your other systems, and the solution functionalities your organisation needs, like cloud-based calling or omnichannel support. Once your list of requirements is developed, selecting an organisation with local support and experience is critical to enable a smooth transition.

While the features of a contact centre solution vary on the provider and organisational needs, the most important features to look for in modern contact centre solutions include:

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration Tools
  • Omnichannel Communication 
  • Outbound Communications 
  • Intelligent Reporting 
  • Self Service & Assisted Service
  • Realtime Reporting & Dashboards
  • Call Reporting
  • IVR
  • Customer Experience Apps
  • Workforce Optimisation Software

While both contact and call centres deliver customer service and support, a call centre primarily handles inbound calls from customers and prospects, with voice interactions being the sole channel covered. A contact centre is the modernised approach that provides omnichannel options for customers and prospects to engage with an organisation, utilising their chosen channel. Salesforce has stated that the average customer now leverages ten channels or more channels for their communications with companies and relying on a traditional call centre limits the engagement possibilities and customer satisfaction that a modern contact centre can deliver.

Call centre technology refers to the various tools and systems used by call centre staff to manage customer interactions. This can include everything from telephone and computer systems to software that helps agents keep track of customer details and call records.

The right call centre technology improves efficiency and productivity while providing a better customer experience. By choosing the right tools and systems, call centres can improve their operations in several ways.

In the early days of call centres, agents would use a simple phone system to answer calls and transfer them to the appropriate department. It was difficult to keep track of calls and provide efficient service.

However, technology has come a long way since then. Call centres now use sophisticated phone systems that automatically route calls to the right agent, track call times, and manage long queues.

Call centres also use other types of technology, such as live chat and email, to provide better service on the customer’s terms. As a result, many call centres have evolved into contact centres.

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to outsource their customer contact centre operations. It provides an end-to-end solution for managing customer interactions, from inbound and outbound call handling to omnichannel customer support. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly used in contact centres to automate tasks such as routing calls, handling web chats and offering insights.

Workforce optimisation and management use data and analytics to manage a contact centre’s workforce to improve performance and meet customer demand. It includes workforce planning, quality management and performance management.

Omnichannel platforms provide customers and agents with a seamless experience regardless of how or where they reach out. The goal of an omnichannel approach is to create a cohesive customer journey that meets the needs of today’s consumers, who are used to connecting with brands on their terms. 

Business intelligence and analytics help contact centres to predict future customer behaviour and needs. By understanding trends in customer behaviour, contact centres can make decisions about allocating resources, improving customer service, and resolving issues more effectively.

Make the switch to cloud call centre technology

Ready to take advantage of the many benefits offered by a cloud call centre platform? Hoping to cut your IT costs, make your teams more productive, and truly meet your customers’ expectations? Say goodbye to inflexible technology and enjoy the many benefits of our class leading, locally supported, cloud contact centre solution.