Deliver amazing help desk and tech support

The Premier Contact Point suite ensures your support teams have the information and tools they need to be fully focused on solving client issues.

Make your help desk even more helpful

Give your customers a world-class support experience every time they contact you.

Give your help desk agents an easy to use interface which allows them to concentrate on talking to callers and finding solutions.

The Premier Contact Point suite ensures your support teams have the information and tools they need to be fully focused on solving client issues, and not scrabbling around with clunky technology.

Managing the system is almost as simple as the agent experience; the suite of monitoring and administration tools helps contact centre managers to get the information they need to make informed decisions.

PCP Multichannel customer useage

The truly helpful help desk

Speed, efficiency, tools, multi channels, integrated data, cloud access, recordings, real time metrics… everything you could wish for.
And we fully customise it to fit your operational needs.
call centre salesforce integration

Instant customer data

We can integrate your CRM or ERP data right into the agent desktop so they have access to the data they need to provide efficient, informed assistance to customers whilst on the call, within a single application.  Agents will never need to juggle multiple screens again

agent desktop integration

Custom integration

To provide efficient technical support, your agents need access to key information, quickly and effortlessly. Our engineers can work with you to integrate Premier Contact Point with any of your cloud based back office systems, including your ticketing system and knowledgebase to provide seamless and fast delivery of key information

Compliance call recording

Call recording

Our system provides automatic and manual call recording – so calls can be automatically recorded, or stopped if the customer requests, or if the agent needs to take credit card details.  Ideal for quality assurance to pinpoint areas where agents may be misdiagnosing an issue, and for agent training purposes.

contact centre email

Easy email and SMS

Whilst the customer is on the call, agents can quickly send emails using pre-prepared responses, or send text messages containing a link or instructions. These multi-channel communications are recorded within the client record.

Web chat contact centre

Web chat

Provide help desk support through our web chat feature.  Agents can manage multiple customers simultaneously, and take advantage of automated greeting messages and standard templated responses to facilitate speed and consistency. If more complex support is required, agents can instantly launch a voice call to the customer.

Contact Centre Disposition Recording

Fast wrap up

Our system prompts your agent to complete the wrap data before moving onto the next call. Wrap screens fully customisable and include disposition, call exclusion and call back data entry panels.

Insightful help desk management

Helping your help desk team is easy too.
  • You have access to powerful, customisable and flexible real time dashboard and wallboard displays to help you monitor queues, KPIs and agent dispositions minute by minute.
  • When inbound help desk call volumes spike, you can scale up quickly and bring on remote agents to assist, or move to IVR self-service.
  • Review recordings of customer-agent interactions to determine agents’ strengths and weaknesses, adjust skill levels and implement accurate call routing.
  • Analyse more than 50+ Business Intelligence reports for activities, performance and result data to facilitate your strategic and operational decision-making.