Cloud & Hosted Call Centre Solutions

‘The Cloud’ is more than just a buzzword. It’s a proven way for your business to cut infrastructure costs and CapEx, reduce reliance on IT departments and deliver a more robust and capable platform. Cloud technology solutions helps your staff and customers achieve better outcomes.

Our cloud contact centre solution delivers new levels of productivity and operational efficiency




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Cloud Solutions


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According to research by Aberdeen Group, companies that deploy cloud solutions in contact centres spend 27% less on their annual contact centre costs than their peers.

PCP Multichannel customer useage

How Premier Contact Point will help you improve agent productivity and customer experience

We make it easy and affordable to meet your key business objectives without compromising on customer experience.

  • Our cloud solutions for contact centres are accessible by team members and management anywhere, at any time. Only internet access is required
  • Queues are managed efficiently with routing, self-service and call back options
  • Integrated customer and company data is screen-popped to agents so they’re informed at all times, and can deliver personalised help
  • Supervisors monitor real-time dashboards and wallboards to efficiently manage staff and operations

How Premier Workforce Management will help you achieve the best balance between excellent service and least cost

Cumbersome spreadsheet forecasting and scheduling is a thing of the past. Our Workforce Management solution makes it easy to:

  • Review historical data so you can forecast with confidence
  • Create rosters that give your team members a voice
  • Adjust schedules on the fly to meet peaks and troughs
  • Review staff productivity and achievement of KPIs
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