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Level up your customer engagement

And deliver an extraordinary mobile customer experience, quickly and easily

Offer an app-like experience

Digital engagement is no longer optional! Deliver a seamless customer experience with one platform across voice, email, SMS, chat and social. Give your customers choice and value with our no-code app-like design tool, that makes visual calls quick and easy without reliance on your technical teams.

Happier customers

Delight customers through an app-like experience on their smartphones, enabling them to provide agents with rich information relating to their call. Or, create intuitive self-service workflows allowing customers to easily find the right answer through a series of personalised menus and screens.

With our fully hosted Customer Experience App-like design tools, it’s easy to design and deploy customer contact applications across multiple channels that take advantage of smartphone technologies.

The modern customer demands an efficient contact centre response without the common pain points delivered by so many of today’s over-stretched, under-resourced contact centres.

PCP mobility workflow

Happier agents

The drag and drop workflow designer allows you to easily customise flows in real time. Our solution supports integration with a range of open APIs to share information with your core business systems and create solutions that meet your business requirements.

Make it easy for callers to get where they need to fast, particularly when driving, with a speech enabled IVR for menu selections. Accuracy can be further enhanced with natural language understanding.

Fully supported by our Australian-based support team.

We’re for easy and enjoyable customer experiences

We’ve reimagined the customer contact experience for customers connecting with organisations on their smartphone. Leveraging the unique capabilities of mobile devices, our no-code, intuitive and powerful ‘app-like’ solutions deliver hyper-personalised self-service and agent assisted workflows that result in easy and enjoyable customer experiences and more productive agents.

MsgApp 05 IVR menu

Visual IVR

Self-service is now simpler than ever. Present options intuitively to make it easy for customers to serve themselves, or escalate to a live agent when needed.

MsgApp 10 photo selected

Rich media

Let your customers help you serve them better. Send location photos or videos in simple but powerful self-service workflows.

Queue wait time

Queue wait time

Show queue wait time and offer personal queueing options to save customers’ time.

MsgApp 16 contact summary

Contact summary

Complement a voice call with a contact summary and follow-up options.

Drop out recovery

Drop out recovery

Send an SMS message on drop-out, and register the mobile number to reconnect the caller directly back to the agent if the customer calls back

MsgApp 17 postcall summary

Post call survey

Send your customers a text message with a link to a post-call survey they can complete when it’s convenient for them.

Digitally Driven, Human Enhanced

Premier Contact Point stands out as an exceptionally user-friendly, easy-to-setup, and cost-effective solution for your customer service needs.