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Contact centre integration

Bringing systems together for better productivity and efficiency

We make it easy to bring everything together

Check out our integrations with the most popular software providers and apps to enhance your contact centre experience and improve productivity.  Can’t find an integration you’re looking for? Our local expert support integration team are available to get everything sync’d up.

contact centre integration

Connect your go-to applications

Declutter your desktop and just integrate the tools you use everyday like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk and Dynamics 365. Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams and enable your agents to take customer experience to the next level. Agents can easily collaborate with colleagues, both in and out of the contact centre. Teamwork shouldn’t be hard. Bring the team together with one-click calling straight from your directory integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Seamlessly integrate with the business tools your organisation relies on.

By streamlining your data between apps, your day just got a little bit easier with the reduced manual processing, file sharing and editing that was once just a part of the contact centre routine. Our accessible API means you can bring the features of Premier Contact Point into your own application, and our local expert support integration team can help with customisation to design and develop the functionality your centre needs.

Improve agent productivity and customer experience

Integrate Premier Contact Point with your back office
systems to provide seamless and fast delivery of key information.

When we integrate Premier Contact Point with your CRM or ERP systems, your agents will have access to customer and product data screen-popped right into the agent desktop interface.

During the call, agents can update customer data using text entry and other controls to ensure your customer info stays up to date, in real time.

Contact Management

Do more with Premier Contact Point

Contact us to learn how our integrations empower agents
to personlise every customer interaction