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Inspiration, ideas and tips to help you delight your customers and take customer experience to new heights.

AR and VR

How Will AR And VR Transform Customer Experience?

Introduction to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are groundbreaking technologies making a significant impact on the business world and reshaping how companies operate
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Data transparency

How Can Data Transparency Improve Your Business Outcomes?

Data can be useful in so many ways but are you being authentic? Data transparency is fundamental to building trust in your business as well as increasing productivity.
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Total Experience

Total Experience: Taking A New Perspective To CX

If your organisation is providing customer service in the same way that you did a few years ago, you’re on the road to losing customers, staff and market share. Successful
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Meet your customers where they are with device-agnostic CX

Today’s customers use various devices as they move through their day. Mobile phones have dominated our daily lives, and many people communicate, browse and shop on their devices while on
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chatbot automation

5 ways chatbot automation transforms CX

Too often, your team answers calls about common queries with straightforward solutions that they might have already delivered several times that day. Such queries clog your call queue and mean
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