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Get your team set up to work from home in just 24 hours

Your customers expect to receive great service, no matter what

We make sure you can deliver

We’ll have your customer service and sales teams set up at home in just 24 hours, so they can continue to efficiently manage your inbound and outbound customer service calls.  And we’ll set up your supervisors so they can effectively manage your teams remotely, in real-time.
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We are humbled that our 24-hour Express Setup has helped numerous organisations to quickly transition to working from home to maintain continuity of service.

Common questions about our 24-Hour Express Setup service

A computer with internet access, a web browser and a headset with microphone.

Our Premier Contact Point 24-hour Express Setup includes all the essential features your teams need to continue to provide support via phone.  This includes access to the Agent Desktop which displays caller details and scripts, along with easy to follow process flows for initiating, transferring and recording calls.  It won’t be integrated with your other backend systems, like your CRM, ERP, knowledge base, etc, but they will still have access to these in separate windows. When you’re ready, we can work with you to integrate Premier Contact Point with any apps you wish, as well as adding other customer interaction channels like email, SMS and web chat.

They sure can.  The agent’s desktop displays real time performance tracking against KPIs.  The supervisors dashboard provides instant alerts for spikes and updates key indicators in real time. Premier Contact Point includes class leading real time Dashboards for both the agents and supervisors so that they can track their performance against KPIs, and receive instant alerts for anything that requires immediate attention, like calls waiting in the queue for too long.

Yes, they can change agent queue assignment as well as queue and IVR messages on the fly as required.

Yes, they have full control over user administration to monitor logins and logoffs and agent activity, as well as monitoring live calls and review call recordings.

Working from home takes a lot of adjustment, particularly if other family members are at home also.  Your team members will be happier and more engaged if they can work the shifts they prefer.  You can also purchase the Premier Contact Point Workforce Management solution to provide roster and holiday bidding functionality, along with insight reports and predictive capabilities to facilitate accurate demand forecasts and baseline staffing levels.

The physical location of your team members is irrelevant with our cloud-based customer contact solution.  So the answer is no, the fees are standard, no matter where your staff are located.  You pay a once off configuration and training fee as well as monthly concurrent license fees for users to access your customer contact solution, and you can instantly scale license fees up and down to match peaks and troughs in demand.

We commit to having your team up and running within 24 hours, and we provide real-time online training before the system goes live so your staff are comfortable using every aspect of the system.  Our Melbourne based team provides ongoing live support whenever it’s needed.

What Premier Contact Point helps you do super efficiently

The ultimate customer experience occurs when customer satisfaction and resolution is achieved effortlessly.
Here’s how we help make that happen.


Improve customer support and increase customer satisfaction

Communicate with customers on their preferred channel

Communicate with customers
on their preferred channel

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Access customer details from your other programs


Increase leads, sales and collections


Monitor and manage teams and workflows in real time

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Instantly fine tune staffing to match service levels


Quickly scale operations to meet peaks and troughs

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Reduce capital and operating costs

Premier Contact Point. Your Contact Centre Solution.

We have been utilising Premier’s cloud contact centre solution since 2014 and over the years Premier has consistently provided an excellent product with outstanding customer service. We very rarely have issues with Premier Contact Point and when we do, the Premier team are onto it right away. Requests are actioned immediately, with clear and effective communication from the support team. It’s an important quality in a solution provider that ensures we feel supported enough to focus on our core business functions and goals, rather than preoccupied with complex technology. Premier Contact Point's contact centre software is a simple yet powerful solution. I have to say it’s rare to find a technology vendor partner that delivers such a high level of service.

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Liz Marinceski, Customer Service Team Leader, REMONDIS Australia

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