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Contact Point is 'simple and manageable, it's a game changer'.

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Moonee Valley Council in Melbourne’s vibrant inner west is made up of an eclectic mix of retail, restaurants, parks, offices, some industrial areas and Essendon Airport. Council provides some 200 services to 130,000 residents across 15 suburbs.

The situation

The Council’s on-premise Cisco platform needed replacement so key
stakeholders decided to move to a cloud-based solution. They wanted omnichannel communications, speech analytics, integration to Oracle CRM, best in class reporting and local support.

Although a larger global competitor was considered the safer option, the customer service management team convinced senior executives to award the tender to Premier Contact Point for a variety of reasons – including the reporting, ease of administration, and Australian based support.

Premier’s response

Premier implemented its omnichannel cloud contact centre solution on time and within budget. Council was able
to roll out all features it required for stage one, with flexibility to deploy additional features in subsequent stages. These include: voice of the
customer, speech analytics, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp queueing.

The critical features for initial implementation included inbound and outbound call routing across multiple teams, and different locations, including the office and home. Calls presented to customer service staff included an Oracle CRM screenpop containing vital information they needed to deliver personalised service. Class-leading real time Dashboards and over 30 BI-reports were tailored for Council who could also customise reports from day one.

No code, drag and drop, intuitive configuration tools meant that Council’s customer service team no longer had to rely on their internal IT team to make changes. Instead they’re able to easily manage the platform themselves in real time, and if necessary draw upon Premier’s Australian based team of contact centre experts if required.



From the early stages of onboarding, our team worked closely with Council to prepare them for migration to a new customer contact platform. Change is often met with resistance from customer service people, so we wanted to ensure a positive experience.

The implementation process and go-live was executed without any issues, and in fact was celebrated with decorations and cake in a festive atmosphere. Everyone welcomed the opportunity to deliver better customer experiences and improve job satisfaction.

Council was also delighted that we included CRM integration in stage 1.

  • Initial agent concerns of being monitored via new real-time dashboard reports have changed to them fully embracing the opportunity to improve performance and accountability
  • Contact Point has placed Council ahead of where they thought they would be as they weren’t expecting to have these valuable insights until 2025/26
  • CX team is impressed that they’re now empowered to make changesto the system themselves
  • Contact Point is now on the monthly management meeting agenda and they’re enthusiastically talking about next steps to make better use of Contact Point.

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“Throughout the initial sales process and tender, you showed us what you’re capable of and you delivered on everything; you didn’t overstate your capabilities unlike other vendors did.”
CX Team Leader
“Very happy with Premier’s project managers communication throughout the project and he was always there to provide support and answer questions. We’re also very happy with the user training we received. The trainer was very calm and effective at training our agents; we wanted to bottle his voice”
CX Team Leader
“First time Premier’s project manager showed us the reporting capabilities, we were dumbfounded about how much insight we now have into CX operations. Contact Point will be the key to the successful implementation of 9 other CX projects.”
Head of CX

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