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Workforce optimisation

Better service, improved staff effectiveness, better cost control, less stress.

Intelligent workforce management

One system to intelligently manage all the details about your workforce, match workers to jobs, schedule, dispatch, route, and execute work across your organisation’s locations.

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Workforce planning and scheduling

Agents are more engaged and happier when they’re working the shifts they prefer, when they have the knowledge to resolve customer queries the first time, and when they’re busy – but not frantic.

  • Use the comprehensive insight reports and predictive capabilities to create accurate demand forecasts and baseline staffing levels.
  • Overlay baseline levels with agents’ skill sets and availability.  Scheduling the right mix of staff at the right time makes rostering a whole lot easier.
  • Show your support for your agents’ well-being and lifestyle by allowing them to participate in the scheduling and time management process using the holiday and schedule bidding functions.


Allowing agents and supervisors to gauge the quality of voice and text based customer interactions will help flag areas for improvement in processes, experiences, and performance. Monitoring facilities include:
  • Real time silent, coaching and barging call monitoring options for supervisors
  • Fast retrieval of cloud stored call recordings, ideal for coaching and training management
  • Speech and desktop analytics that can identify recordings which fail to meet compliance requirements


Monitor customer satisfaction by collecting feedback immediately after a call, while the details are still fresh in the customer’s mind.  Surveys are easy to create and can be delivered through IVR or email.

  • Get invaluable information about agent performance.
  • Gauge customer loyalty and propensity for referring you – through your Net Promoter Score.
  • Use reports that summarize the feedback to pinpoint additional areas for improvement.

Our cloud hosted survey system makes data collection and analysis easy.

Performance management

You can only improve what you can measure.  We provide all your team with dashboards, wallboards and reports which they can quickly customise to show the performance metrics they need to track and measure.

  • Agents can check their performance, see trends over time and see how they rank compared to other agents on a range of KPIs.
  • Managers have real-time insights into their team’s and individual agents’ performance.  Alerts displayed for activities and metrics that need attention.
  • Executive wallboards provide a high-level view of overall performance, with progress against KPIs highlighted.

The power and flexibility to fit the new ways people and businesses operate

Powerful forecasting

Multiple methods to forecast workloads and staff requirements, so you achieve maximum utilisation of available resources.

Performance management

Broaden the focus of the contact centre from strictly departmental goals to an enterprise-orientated set of objectives.

Quality monitoring

Use the integrated scorecards, dashboards and reports to improve service delivery and raise customer satisfaction scores.

Coaching identification

Automatically identify performance issues and recommend specific coaching actions.

Adherence monitoring

Track agent activity against what they are scheduled to do during their shifts.

Roster management

Allow agents to choose preferred shifts and swap their shifts with others.

Customised to suit your specific needs

We understand that technology itself is just a part of the solution, and that expertise and experience is what really makes it work. Our Workforce Management solution is built around a consultative onboarding process, where our expert analysts work closely with you to understand your key drivers, and then configure the solution to make it work how you want it to.

Local expert workforce consultants on hand

Knowing where to make improvements in efficiency of contact centre operations can be challenging.

Our local professional Workforce Management consultants provide contact centre managers with expert advice on how to obtain the most from your contact centre. Consulting services includes

  • reviewing current technology
  • analysing operational processes
  • training and developing workforce planners and contact centre leaders.

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