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Grow revenue, leads and collections

See what your sales team can do with the right tools

Make it easier for all to achieve your goals

Contact centre sales – whether your campaign objectives are to increase revenue, donations, collections or leads; the easier you make life on the phone for your agents – the more productive and successful they become.

We’ve designed an interface that gives agents everything they need in a clean, intuitive application, so they can concentrate fully on the people on the other end of the phone.

Managing the system is almost as simple as the agent experience. The suite of monitoring and administration tools helps contact centre managers to quickly access the information they need to make informed decisions.

Enhanced agent experience.

The Premier Contact Point suite of tools ensures your agents are fully focused on each call, and not scrabbling around with the technology. Happy, more productive agents produce significantly better results.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know your team provide excellent support to our business through your help desk. I find your team very helpful and engaging when I call through with any issues and the speed in by which you respond to email queries is very effective and efficient. Your continuous improvements with your dashboards, means the team here operate more strategically and are able to continuously deliver excellent results for our members. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with to further assist our business.
Mark O'Shea
Outbound & Digital Sales Manager

Beautiful agent interface

Everything they need, all on one screen. Intuitive call controls, a large panel to view and manage customer data, and quick access to all contact channels.

No manual dialling

The system  automatically places calls to the phone numbers on your campaign list. Agents never waste time dialling or making mistakes when entering the phone number.​

Only active calls

Your agents are only connected when a live customer is detected. The best-in-class predictive dialler filters out unproductive calls including busy signals, unanswered calls, disconnected numbers and answering machines.

No awkward delays

No more awkward silence when the customer answers the call, realises it’s a telemarketing call and hangs up. Your agents are connected instantly; a valuable feature that has proven to increase results.

Instant customer data

Our Customer Contact Management system  allows you to maintain up to date contact details as well as a complete history of every customer interaction across all channels. Alternatively, we can integrate your CRM or ERP data right into the agent’s call screen. No more juggling multiple screens.

Customisable campaign scripts

Our customisable scripting feature ensures your agents deliver a consistent pitch, improving interactions and business outcomes. Scripts can be quickly updated to improve the pitch or reflect market changes.

Enhanced experience

While the customer is on the call, agents can quickly pivot to email and SMS channels and send free form and templated responses to help close the deal.  Agents can easily bring a 3rd party like an expert or supervisor into the call to quickly resolve tricky questions.

Fast wrap up

Our system prompts your agent to record an outcome before moving onto the next call. Contact outcomes are fully customisable and include disposition, call exclusion and scheduled agent call backs.

Call recording

All calls can be automatically recorded, with controls provided so the agent can manually stop and start recording if required. Call transfers can even be recorded even when the agent disconnects from the call.

Powerful management tools.

The Premier Contact Point administration interface makes life a whole lot easier for your contact centre managers too. Supervisors can monitor real time data to proactively manage campaigns and agents, to improve productivity and results on the fly. Your marketing teams can view insights to tweak campaigns, analyse key results, identify issues and aid development of new campaigns.

Real time control

Our class leading Dashboard lets you track campaigns in real time using vital metrics such as agent occupancy, agents logged in, contacts dialled, contacts abandoned dispositions and much more.  Activities that fall short of your KPIs trigger visual, audible, email and SMS alerts to aid quick, decisive action and bring performance back on track.


Simple campaign manager

It takes just minutes to upload lists, apply filters, create campaign specific scripts and flows for displaying and gathering data.  Use the insights from Dashboards and BI reports to tweak campaigns on the fly and improve results. Post campaign, updated data can be easily exported for integration back into your CRM.

Enhanced agent productivity

If the inbound volume of calls is peaking, we make it easy to switch your outbound agents over to help with inbound.  Likewise, when inbound eases off –keep agents productive by switching them over to your outbound campaigns and assign and move them between campaigns as desired.

Rapid recording retrieval

We don’t make you wait days, even weeks to gain access to recordings. All recordings available almost instantly and searchable on a wide range of metadata, no plugins required.  Recordings can be replayed using the built-in media player, flagged, commented, downloaded and exported. Ideal for creating training sessions and for identifying quality control issues.

Powerful business insights

Our market leading, intuitive BI suite contains a large range of interactive visual reports.  You’ll gain valuable insights into agent dispositions, contact penetration, sales volumes and much more. Every user can customise the dashboard to display the stats they need – in the way they want.

Easy admnistration

User and campaign administration can be tricky to manage and often requires the support by internal IT teams or by service providers.  We’ve developed an easy to use interface which means you now have the ability to take control of the entire administration of the system without relying on anyone else.

Mobility Workflow
premier contact point
Omnichannel Agent Desktop

Access anywhere, anytime

All wallboards and reports are securely housed in the cloud, making it easy for back office teams to access the information when they want, from anywhere, on any device