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Outbound contact centre solutions

Reaching the right prospects and customers at the right time is the key to increasing sales, collections and survey results.

More ways to communicate

Give your business the edge it needs to thrive. Improve the success of your telemarketing campaigns and other outbound strategies with leading outbound call centre software. With our outbound calling solutions, your agents can connect with clients and customers via email, webchat or SMS while on the call. Using prepared responses, agents can deploy communications across multiple channels, all of which are recorded against the customer’s data.

More productive agents

  • Use smart campaigns and flexible call record filtering to call specific customers according to your business rules.
  • Use the advanced predictive dialler to keep your agents busy on live calls – not wasting time on unanswered calls or voicemail.
  • For routine tasks, our outbound IVR delivers automated outbound calls and SMS campaigns to your selected contacts.

More customer focus

  • Giving agents reliable, responsive and full-featured tools means they can focus completely on the customer, not the technology.
  • Happy, more productive agents deliver significantly better outcomes
premier contact point

We’re for easy and enjoyable customer experiences

Digital engagement is no longer optional, and the experience needs to be seamless across channels and touchpoints. It is crucial that your customers have choice around how they engage with you, and how you make it easy for them, irrespective of the channel.

Gain more control over your outbound calls

Key features that keep your agents productive, and can be easily customised to suit your specific operations and goals

Predictive dialler

The predictive dialler builds a pacing algorithm based on previous calls and predicts when an agent will become available, minimising agent idle time and maximising efficiency.

Automatic / power dialler

With the power dialler outbound calls can be automatically launched at a set rate, giving managers full control over outbound pacing.

Preview dialler

The preview dialler allows agent to get ready for calls, by reviewing customer info beforehand, then clicking the dialler to make the call.

Answer machine detection

Call progress analysis allows non-productive results like busy tones, no answer, and answering machines to be screened out so only live customers are connected to agents.

Powerful list filtering

Flexible filtering of customers to be dialled gives administrators powerful tools to only dial the right people at the right time.

Outbound IVR or SMS blaster

Quickly and efficiently launch massive numbers of unattended, automated outbound calls or SMS messages to customers.

Multiple campaign support

Managers can run multiple campaigns to multiple lists, using customised campaign scripts.

Agent screenpop

Customer data presented to the agent within the call screen, to start the interaction immediately.

Blended calls

Agents can be assigned to both inbound and outbound queues, increasing agent utilisation and productivity by making outbound calls when inbound call volumes are low.

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