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Self-service & Assisted-service options

A proven way to dramatically increase customer satisfaction, reduce inbound call volumes and improve contact centre efficiency is to integrate self-service or assisted-service options into your operations.

A win-win for everyone

In most contact centres, a large volume of customer enquiries are straightforward and simple, and can be handled without agent intervention using self-service facilities. Customers are increasingly expecting to have quick and simple access to these tools so they can resolve their enquiry themselves.

We make sure that when your customers call you, they can quickly and easily connect with the right agent, or access self-service options, without having to repeat themselves or enter their information over and over again.

A better experience

Self service starts by giving your callers the choice to self-select the issue they are calling about.  They are either routed to the relevant self service option, or placed in a queue to speak to the right agent.

Our technologies such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and skills-based routing ensure you deliver a more natural, effective, and less frustrating experience than simple menu-based systems.

Self Service
Mobility Workflow

Made easier for web and mobile device

  • Use our intelligent IVR suite to increase self-service options at the beginning of every voice call.
  • Offer self-service messages to customers waiting in a call queue, so they can opt to perform simple transactions themselves and save time.
  • Blend your IVR with our Mobility Module and provide self-service options via SMS message
  • Provide links to self-service options during web-chats
  • Provide links to self-service options in emails
  • Post call summary and contact details

Providing your customers with instant help

Inbound service examples

Typical transactions which can be easily solved using self-service functionality are those issues that are most frequently encountered by your agents, such as

  • Providing bank balance information
  • Paying a bill by credit or debit card
  • Ordering a product or service
  • Listening to a service outage update
  • Requesting warranty information or your return policy
  • Confirming business location or operating hours
    Requesting a form or brochure be emailed or posted.

Outbound service examples

Be pro-active and deliver automated updates or reminders via phone, SMS or email to provide value, alleviate customer concerns and reduce customer enquiries.  Outbound self-service possibilities include:

  • Delivering updates on service outages and restore estimates
  • Announcing planned maintenance outages or seasonal closing times
  • Requesting customer satisfaction feedback after purchase or customer support
  • Sending reminders about nearly due or past due accounts
  • Promoting special offers or events

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