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A retail & services solution

Customer loyalty and repeat business isn’t something you can count on. It is earned by delivering a great customer experience as well as a quality product or service.

Meeting the challenge

We help businesses to build their contact centres into a key competitive advantage by providing efficient, unified, multi-channel contact centres.
Geelong Cats
Since the introduction of Premier Contact Point cloud contact centre solution at our organisation, we have seen a significant change for the better in our customer service to our thousands of club members and supporters. The reporting tools are fantastic, and with the use of historical data we’re able to tailor our service to suit our members’ and supporters’ needs. From when the platform was first implemented in 2015, right through to today, the support we’ve had from Premier’s staff has been fabulous. We now just can’t imagine working without it.

Deliver exceptional customer experience

Our solutions help retailers and service providers to deliver fully featured, personalised, multi-channel customer experiences.

Improve your
sales results

Giving your sales agents instant access to customer data and history, product information and tailored scripts will make them more motivated and productive.

Do more with Premier Contact Point

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