Omnichannel Agent Desktop

An intuitive single platform that supports multiple call, email, web chat and SMS customer interactions

Communicate with customers – their way

Calling customer support to get help is no longer the norm. Customers are choosing a variety of contact methods before they pick up the phone, including email, web chat and SMS. These customers don’t think in ‘channels’.  They want support when they choose, how they choose. For them, ease of contact and first contact resolution are crucial to securing their satisfaction, loyalty and brand advocacy.

Premier Contact Point enables your customers to communicate with you the way they want; quickly and easily.

And you can extend Premier Contact Point further with CX for Smartphones to leverage the unique capabilities of smartphones.

It’s time to evolve the customer journey for the modern mobile consumer, with workflows that blend automation and self-service with a human-centred experience.

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One intuitive platform for all your customer interactions

Enable your agents to process multiple call, email, web chat & SMS interactions at the same time and from a single screen. Assist your customer service and sales teams to deliver a consistent customer experience across enabled contact channels and reduce the number of applications your agents interact with on a daily basis.

Contact point voice channel
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Agent Desktop – CALLS

Empower your agents to deliver a personalised customer experience by providing real-time, rich information for each customer interaction.

Agents are able to greet the caller by name, view any customer specific notes and instructions, as well as agent contact history, across all interactions. Calls and emails that are received from known phone numbers and email addresses will trigger the ‘Customer Contact Management’ feature to display the customer’s details when the agent is connected.

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Agent Desktop – EMAIL

Ensure that every incoming email query is responded to efficiently, consistently and within your service level handling times. When your agent needs to send an email whilst on a call – it’s easy.

Easy email for agents

Give agents easy access to standard response templates as well as your chosen knowledge base to help them to provide the correct answers, in a consistent manner, quickly.

Intelligent distribution

Incoming emails can be queued, prioritised and routed to the most appropriate agents, including the agent that dealt with their last query.  With integration to your CRM, agents can have access to previous email threads and conversations as well as other CRM workflows.

Agent Desktop Email
Agent Desktop Chat
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Agent Desktop – WEB CHAT

Reduce website bounce rates by engaging with visitors using web chat and personalised offers before they leave your site. Agents can instantly pivot the interaction to a call or SMS to increase engagement.

Increase your sales

Providing your customers with access to web chat means your providing them with rapid answers to their queries. Do that and your conversion rates will increase, it’s as simple as that.

Improve agent productivity

Agents can manage multiple customers simultaneously using web chat rather than just one on the phone.  Automated greeting messages and standard templated responses make it easy for your agents to greet and respond quickly and consistently. Chat conversations are managed from within the Agent Desktop – no separate windows.

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Agent Desktop – SMS

SMS is a powerful communication tool and it’s one that still generates an almost instantaneous response from the recipient. They’re ideal for notifications about accounts, service outages and special offers – and for enhancing inbound enquiries or confirming details of a call.  Premier Contact Point handles inbound and outbound SMS contact routing using the same flexible and configurable rules as phone calls.

Ramp up outbound results

Use SMS as part of an integrated multi-media campaign and broadcast special offers, coupons, event news, links to product pages, or any other information.  SMS is also an effective channel for auto-scheduling payment due reminders, appointment reminders, and for keeping customers informed during service maintenance or outages.

Improve your inbound customer experience

When your customers are waiting in a queue, the IVR workflow can provide an option to receive a text containing self-service links, or to request a call back. And when they are connected, the agent can easily send text messages and links to assist the customer with self-service and product information. A text can be sent at the end of the call to provide post-call survey functionality or a summary of the call.

Agent Desktop SMS flows