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Remote Control II: Custom dashboards help agents monitor activity and metrics

As part of our response to COVID-19 and the shift to working from home, our sales manager Steve Fitzgerald has created a series of videos to help you get your team set up and on track.

He shares insights into Premier Contact Point’s 24-hour express set up, which gets your agents trained up quickly and ready to start from home or any other location.

Real-time monitoring

A vital part of an agent’s toolkit is their dashboard display. Without a real-time display telling them what’s happening in call queues, and other essential performance monitoring data, keeping their performance standards (and customer experience) high while they work from home will be an uphill battle.

In Steve’s third video, he takes you through how to create dashboards that will give your agents all the information they need to do their job, and do it well, no matter where they’re working from.

The dashboard configuration includes a range of data elements or “tiles” that you can add and amend, either for your whole team, for individual agents, or a mix of both. The dashboard also includes visual and audible alerts, notifying agents of incoming calls and other priority actions they need to manage.

Of course, all this feeds into your own reporting and monitoring mechanisms, so you can manage and support your team from your own home base.

While your staff may be working in isolation, a well-constructed dashboard is more critical than ever, as your team won’t have the additional visual and auditory cues they’d get from working in the same physical location with their colleagues.

The cloud-based nature of Premier Contact Point’s solutions means your agents can stay connected with each other and with you, and maintain business continuity.


Up and running in 24 hours

We’ve created a 24-hour express set-up service for our clients to help you get your agents equipped, trained and ready to operate from home – fast. Your contact centre – and your customers – won’t need to miss a beat as you transition your team into work-from-home mode (and back out of it as you start to stagger their return).

Our 24-hour express setup takes full advantage of our cloud-based technology so your staff can work from home to stay COVID-safe, without impacting your hard-won customer experience reputation.

Business as usual from home or the office

Premier Contact Point means that you can keep calm and carry on with business as usual, even with your team members all working from home or in a hybrid office/home scenario. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you ride this out, and any other storm while continuing to deliver exceptional customer service.

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