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Revolutionising Local Government Contact Centres with BI Tools

Local governments (LGs) are facing new and demanding challenges as customer expectations increase and technology advances. To meet these demands and to better serve citizens, councils are switching to using cloud-based platforms like Premier Contact Point, which make life a lot easier for customer service teams and management teams, and genuinely deliver a far better experience to local citizens.

In this article we dive into the many practical ways that councils are using the Business Insight tools, and the benefits they bring.

Powerful BI Reporting at your fingertips

A robust suite of Business Intelligence Reports delivers the metrics you need to rapidly analyse performance, activities and results. You’re empowered to speed up strategic and operational decision-making, and even if your staff work remotely, your management team can make quick changes or adjustments, as well as track performance. With over 30 historical reports right out of the box, BI Reports is a powerful analytics tool. You also have the flexibility to repurpose and reconfigure reports to suit your individual requirements.

Let’s dig deeper into how having powerful reporting at your disposal can enhance customer service in local councils.

Predict future outcomes

A key feature of BI Reports is predictive analytics. This tool gives you the ability to predict future outcomes based on historical data, so you can decide on the best course of action in any given situation. Predictive and prescriptive analytics forecast things like peaks and troughs in customer demand, for example. Based on this information, you can plan your work rosters more efficiently by having more customer service staff on hand during peak times.

Some BI Tools also come with built-in AI speech analytics. This tool is very handy as it provides a detailed understanding of customer sentiment, engagement, agent or customer service staff well being and much more. How it works is this: Data is obtained by using AI to transcribe and search recordings based on certain keywords or phrase-based topics. Reports can then be generated to identify which interactions were flagged by topic tags. This is a powerful tool that helps organisations improve interactions between agents and customers.

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VoC is an invaluable tool that enables customers to provide feedback via their preferred media channel. This includes Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, WhatsApp, web chat and post call IVR. Feedback gathered via these channels can then be turned into actionable insights to discover more about customer sentiment. At the end of a call, customers can remain on the line and participate in a short survey. Surveys can also be conducted via all the other media methods as well. Information about each survey is displayed on our no code, drag and drop designer, making it a breeze to configure survey workflows.

Desktop analytics

Gain valuable insights on customer service with desktop analytics. This tool collects data on staff performance, call times, customer interactions, analyses it and reports on the software used by customer service staff to handle customer inquiries. This is a handy metric to keep an eye on to monitor software performance.

Analyse self-service metrics

If your LG offers self-service options when it comes to customer service, such as an online customer portal, chatbots or FAQs page, you can gather data regarding the customer experience (CX). The self-service analytics tool analyses the data and offers insights into what’s working and what to improve upon.

Improve first call resolutions

To enhance the level of customer service and to meet growing expectations, finding a resolution on the first call is the goal. With access to robust business insight tools and recordings, supervisors can easily review customer-staff interactions and determine an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and plan training to adjust skill levels where needed.

Real-time insights

Delivering real-time information and insights to customer service staff is available with our dashboards. Team members are able to monitor how they’re tracking against their KPIs, which allows them to become more autonomous, and quickly see what they have achieved and what needs to be addressed.

The reports can be set up for individuals, teams, or even bundled together as collections. They’re so easy to customise that you won’t need your IT department to get involved..

Feedback on BI Reporting from a local council

“First time Premier’s project manager showed us the reporting capabilities, we were dumbfounded about how much insight we now have into CX operations. Contact Point will be the key to the successful implementation of 9 other CX projects.” Head of CX, City of Moonee Valley

Take a look inside

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