Intelligent Interactive Voice Response – IVR

We make sure that when your customers call you, they can quickly and easily connect with the right agent, or access self-service options, without having to scream at the phone or enter their information over and over again.

IVR that’s easy to use

  • Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution allows your customers to directly interact with your systems through voice commands and key inputs.
  • IVR is ideal for when call volumes are high, when agents are unable to answer calls and for increasing customer uptake of your self-service options.
  • We work with your management team during the onboarding process to map out and design the perfect IVR solution for your business.
customer call IVR efficiency

Intelligent listening

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software enables you to play pre-recorded instructions or questions to your customers, listen to their answers and move them to the queue or self-service option they need, quickly and easily. It also works efficiently with text to speech inputs. For example, if they enter an account number, our software will repeat it back to them to make sure it’s correct, and give them the option to update it.  It makes the whole validation process so much more efficient, for everyone.

Intelligent data sharing

Our IVR solution shares data with our Active Call Distribution (ACD) software so your agents have all the information they need, when they answer the call.  Our ACD and IVR applications have been designed to work together as a single integrated platform so your customers can enjoy simple and efficient interactions with your contact centre.

One solution, easy to manage

No matter where your agents or customers are located, our cloud based IVR system is available to all.  Your customers call one number and receive a consistent message and choices.  If they already know the number of the option they need, they can skip ahead.  And when you need to update messages or options, our menu-driven interface makes it easy for your back office to do so.  No need to book your IT people or a 3rd party to do it for you.

Benefits for your contact centre

Helps your customers get the information and assistance they need quickly and efficiently

Streamlines your inbound call routing so customers are moved quickly to the queue or option of choice

Easily integrated with our Automatic Call Back feature so customers and agents can manage time more effectively

Facilitates introducing more self-service options into the mix