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Applying the latest CX trends to your business

Customer experience trends you need to be addressing

According to the Zendesk Customer Experiences Trends Report 20191, there are five trends in the customer experience space that are affecting your business right now.Customer experience trends


  1. Customers already expect seamless, fully integrated ommnichannel support. It’s important to let customers connect with you on their terms – whether it’s on the phone, online, or on the go – and get their issues resolved quickly and easily, without waiting on hold or having to repeat themselves.
  2. Viewing support as an open platform powered by data will free your company to build better experiences. With the right systems in place, your customers can access their own data and manage the progress of their own query. This may include escalating it to a voice call, where the agent can seamlessly pick up the issue from where the customer has left off.
  3. Customers want proactive engagement, but not all companies are there yet. Most companies know the value of reaching out post-sale, but few are doing it to help customers address common issues or learn how to make the most of a recent purchase.
  4. For the best support teams, AI is already driving good customer experiences. While customers still prefer talking to a person to resolve complex issues, more are seeing the benefits of AI in helping with simple issues, and like its 24/7 accessibility.
  5. The right culture, processes, and tools are critical ingredients for success. A positive, supportive environment is vital to keep your team performing at their best in fast-paced and demanding conditions. Having the right tools and training empowers your people to give their best – and your company’s – to your customers.

Making customer experience trends work for you

Keeping up with new technology and capabilities is important, but it’s equally important not to jump on the trend bandwagon just for change’s sake.

If your contact centre is struggling to keep up, and customer service levels are slipping, you need to do something sooner than later.  But you also need to identify which trends will suit your business, and which will give you the biggest impact and best value as you embark on the journey of change.

As you adapt and grow, you can start to look further and expand your offering, based on your customers’ needs and (growing) expectations.

We’ll help you decide what is essential

At Premier Contact Point, we’re here to help you cut through the tech trends noise and choose exactly what you need to deliver service that you and your team can be proud of – and that your customers really appreciate.

1. Dataset: 45,000 companies from around the world, in addition to 1,850 end customers, 570 customer support agents, 170 customer support managers from six countries.

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