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Premier Contact Point deliver a rapid digital customer support transformation for an international charity organisation

A leading global charity approached Premier Contact Point for urgent resolution of issues with their network and customer service functions. The organisation provides charitable support services for society’s most vulnerable and fights for justice and equality in Australia and worldwide.

The situation

The enormous reach of the organisation led to a large influx in calls, resulting in dropouts and abandoned calls. Their existing system, and a newly purchased system proved inadequate to meet these growing expectations and requirements. These issues escalated and put the organisation at risk of losing Government funding.

Premier’s response

Premier Contact Point got right to work with rapid on-boarding and configuration projects completed in less than two weeks. Primary goals achieved included:

  • Set up custom call routing to alleviate call dropouts 
  • Completed testing and training in an accelerated three-day period 
  • Rolled out advanced cloud features and functions, including IVR, call recording and skills-based routing.


  • The number of abandoned calls and dropouts reduced, so the organisation retained Government funding. 
  • Productivity and CX improved with the newly provided system functionality. 
  • The organisation remained on the system beyond the planned six month period due to ease of use, CX and efficiency gains.

Is your organisation gearing up for a CX Transformation project? Book a discovery session.

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Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  • Review of your current solutions to identify potential opportunity gaps 
  • A walk-through of the most relevant aspects of Premier contact point for your organisation 
  • Action plan to migrate to Premier Contact Point