Contact centre integration

Bringing systems together for better productivity and efficiency

Happy agents – increased productivity – better results

We give your agents exactly what they need to do their job well.

To achieve first call resolution as often as possible, your agents need access to key information, quickly and effortlessly.

They don’t want to be switching backwards and forwards between multiple windows and waiting for data to sync, or worse – having to transfer the caller through to another agent.

Our engineers will integrate Premier Contact Point with your back office systems to provide seamless and fast delivery of key information.

Premier Contact Point delivers state of the art contact centre technology solutions

Instant customer data

When we integrate Premier Contact Point with your CRM or ERP systems, your agents will have access to customer and product data screen-popped right into the agent desktop interface.

During the call, agents can update customer data using text entry and other controls to ensure your customer info stays up to date, in real time.

Premier Contact Point Agent Desktop script

System integrations

System integrations may include these industry standards. And a whole lot more.

sap integration
microsoft dynamics
infusionsoft integration
zenddesk integration
netsuite integration

Accessible API

Our accessible API means you can bring the features of Premier Contact Point into your own application, and our experienced consultants
can help with customisation to design and develop the functionality your centre needs.