Disaster recovery planning

You need total peace of mind that your contact centre will always be operational, no matter what happens. We go to great lengths to make sure you stay online, in any situation.

Our track record

For the past few years we have exceeded 99.9% availability for all customers.  In fact at a Point of Presence (POP) and entire platform level, Premier Contact Point has achieved 100% availability, with no instance of an unplanned outage impacting either an entire PoP or the platform as a whole.

With Premier Contact Point you have total peace of mind that your contact centre will always be operational, no matter what happens

How we achieve this

Premier Contact Point is engineered around resilience and high availability to ensure your contact centre remains operational in the event of an unexpected disaster.    Business continuity and disaster recovery apply both to the platform and the customers using the platform.

The platform is spread across three geographic points of presence – one in Sydney and two in Melbourne.  Each point of presence provides additional resilience including multiple instances of Premier Contact Point, load balancing, and best practice power management.

All customer installations are provisioned across distributed and redundant architecture, concurrently connecting to multiple web servers.  This aids resiliency and minimises impact on our customer’s Standard Operating Environments (SOE). Infrastructure is also provisioned with full redundancy in power, network, and other resources, with duplication throughout the environment to provide increased resiliency and the removal of single points of failure.

Service level options

A single PoP instance is the standard offering with an availability SLA of 99.7% and is well suited to customers who don’t have mission critical, high availability, 24×7 requirements.

For those that do these requirements, we provide our DR/High Availability option, which enables their tenancy to be hosted at multiple PoPs.  The DR architecture includes intelligent network routing and final recourse fail over to on site or mobile telephony.  Failover and redundancy planning is addressed during the onboarding process, ensuring that the disaster recovery plan is tailored to your organisation’s requirements.


Our Australian based service and support desk provides live support when needed, for extended hours during the working week. We can also provide 24×7 out of hours support for Severity 1 and 2 incidents on an SLA basis.