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Extraordinary growth achieved through total transparency

An outsource contact centre provider in the UK has achieved extraordinary growth and success by treating their clients and staff in a uniquely open way.

Based in Sheffield, in central England, CC33 provides contact centre services to a range of organisations in the energy, telecoms, insurance, retail and automotive sectors. They undertake one-off telemarketing campaigns as well as provide ongoing support services for their clients’ customers.

Total client involvement

One of the keys to CC33’s success is the way they involve their clients in their business.  They let their clients connect directly with the agents working on their behalf, and it’s been getting great results for all concerned.

  • Dial-in monitoring for clients. Clients can listen to calls being made or taken on their behalf, and speak with CC33 agents after the call to give and receive feedback. The team can then respond to new challenges and opportunities as they arise.
  • Real-time call tracking. Clients can monitor the number of calls CC33 agents are making in real time, so they can track a project’s rollout while it’s in motion. This helps them identify patterns and emerging issues, track metrics that impact their business, conduct split testing, and adjust their campaign while it’s still live.

“We have no control over monitoring by our clients which means we have to be on our game all the time. That means it is a proper partnership,” commented Paul Fletcher, Managing Director, CC33. “Such unprecedented openness was unusual in the industry, but customers loved it.”

Gaining real, human insights into customers’ issues by listening to calls is one of the essential ways to build a true customer-centric operation through ‘exposure hours’, reported Andy Macmillan, CEO of ‘human insight platform’ UserTesting. This time spent on the front line, listening to your customers’ needs, likes and dislikes, can prove even more important than relying purely on big data and assumptions about your customers’ experience. And easily facilitating this critical exercise is what CC33 does so brilliantly for its clients.

Engaged and happy staff

Another key factor in CC33’s success is the way it treats its staff. They offer uncapped bonuses on top of staff salaries, and provide agents with the latest technology to aid efficiency.

The firm also recently took on 50 staff who were under the threat of redundancy at another contact centre. Mr Fletcher spoke to several clients and told them of the bleak future for these agents and how he wanted to come to their rescue. He was able to secure additional work from one client which meant he could go ahead and offer all 50 people new work with CC33.

Unprecedented growth

The underlying value of CC33’s approach is the combination of a transparent and collaborative culture and making use of the latest call centre technology.

The result is a business that’s growing, even as it’s helping its own clients grow and improve theirs through quality human interactions.

Supplement your CX data with real customer insights

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