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How Local Governments Are Moving to the Cloud

As local governments around Australia are feeling the pressure to remain current and up-to-date with the latest technology, there is a push for them to transition their systems by moving to the cloud. Cloud adoption is now crucial for local governments, but there can be some challenges to overcome along the way. This article focuses on these unique challenges, but also the benefits of cloud migration.

What are the benefits of cloud migration for local councils?

The growing needs of residents and ratepayers mean local councils have to step away from outdated technology and manual processes. While an increasing number of LGs are already well on their way, unfortunately there are still too many dragging their heels when it comes to transitioning to modern technology.

Recognising the inherent benefits of moving to the cloud is  urgently required for those lagging behind to get inspired and take action. Let’s cover some of the major benefits that LGs will enjoy once cloud migration takes place.

Improved constituent services

With a solid focus on providing the best customer service, local councils will find favour with their constituents. With the rapid rise in popularity of apps and social media platforms in recent years, everyone  now expects everything to be high-tech and modern. Many Australian households use local council services and they expect their LG to be up with the times, providing fast and efficient public services. Moving systems to the cloud, such as contact centre operations, is certainly a major step in the right direction.

More efficient asset management

Cloud-based systems offer connectivity, and this makes for rapid collaboration and fast reporting. Whether it be reporting a hole in the road to the LG’s customer service department, or any other issue, with the appropriate digital framework in place, the defect or issue can be  reported, assessed and resolved faster. Not only that, but any worker assigned the task of repair will be able to upload status reports in real-time.

Improve employee retention and satisfaction

Today’s employees expect flexible working conditions, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many of us work. Experienced and talented workers want streamlined processes and systems without kinks. To ensure employee satisfaction and retention, workers need to feel empowered to work with the most modern and efficient tools available. Cloud-based systems provide just that.

What are the barriers to cloud migration for local councils?

Some councils seem a little reluctant to move forward with the migration from legacy software and systems to cloud-based solutions,  and this can be due to fear – or various challenges they face.

Let’s cover some of the potential challenges that LGs may encounter when adopting new technology such as cloud-based software.

Reluctance to update from legacy systems

One reason why some local councils maintain the status quo is a reluctance to update to modern technology.

A “we’ve always done it this way” mindset can get in the way of digital transformation. A resistance to change Is quite common, and implementing a solid Change Management Process is essential to get all team members on board.  See our article Help Your Contact Centre Teams Embrace Technology Change for detailed tips on how to get team buy in.

There is also the challenge of integrating a new system with existing systems, as well as the cost. However, connectivity, automation and process improvement should be the main focus points when considering the benefits of digital transformation.

Financial constraints

With migration to the cloud, limited budgets and funding issues can also play a role. Having said that, operating from the cloud is far more cost-effective than, on premise legacy systems. LGs who move to the cloud will enjoy lower operational costs, removal of capex expenses and a significant improvement in connectivity and functionality  Cloud-based technology solutions are more cost effective and efficient than on-premise and hosted solutions.

Privacy and security concerns

Privacy and security are major concerns for every organisation, and council teams must thoroughly review the security protection provided by cloud-based solutions.  Premier Contact Point provides a range of authentication functionality, and meets all the stringent PCI DSS security requirements required for taking payments.  During implementation we provide Council teams with detailed training in best practices for discovering fraud and identity theft.

In 2024, the Australian government has committed to strengthening privacy law, and will implement 38 of 116 proposals for change to the Privacy Act.  In essence all businesses and organisations must comply with the new requirements, and face severe penalties for data breaches.

As councils hold significant amounts of sensitive data, they have been the targets of numerous cyber,  phishing and identity theft attacks in recent years.  Updating outdated systems to highly secure cloud-based systems is essential.

Skills gaps

Where employees have used the same legacy systems for many years,  the planning process to upgrade to new technology will often reveal a range of skills gaps. Workers may feel they lack the knowledge and skill sets to successfully navigate a cloud-based system for fielding calls and performing other daily tasks. This is readily overcome with the right change management process, solution training, help desk support and knowledge base access.

Meeting the challenges

Premier Contact Point has helped many councils make the change from outdated legacy systems to more intuitive and cost-effective cloud technology. While cloud migration may seem daunting at first, with the right implementation team, training and ongoing support, the process will be painless and seamless. We are highly experienced in cloud migration and helping councils to overcome all the challenges they face when it comes to digital transformation. Contact us today for a demonstration or to be put in touch with councils we’ve helped to date.

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