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Geelong Football Club kick their customer service goals with Premier Contact Point

The Geelong Football Club is an Australian sporting institution. Formed in 1859, they are one of the oldest operating AFL clubs. With over 60,000 members, the popular club represents a long history of generational success and a championship pedigree.

The situation

The club was challenged by massive bursts of member calls, particularly around finals and membership renewal season. 

Their on-premise contact centre technology was not able to easily scale to handle the volume of calls. This meant they had no idea how many calls they were missing. Nor was the club able to provide additional contact channels like web chat to ease the burden on call queues.

Premier’s response

The Premier Contact Point Avalanche IVR was implemented to instantly scale in response to significant spikes in inbound call volumes. Callers were told about longer than usual queue wait times and were provided with options on how to get in touch with member services. 

These options included directing callers to the club’s website to request a callback, or engage a member services agent via webchat. 

Premier’s no-code, real-time and historic BI reporting tools were also deployed to improve overall customer experience and better
manage agent rostering.


  • Customer experience improved with more members being connected with agents, resulting in a significant reduction in unhappy members who previously experienced an engaged signal for hours on end.
  • Premier’s Insights Manager provided transparency into call volumes and arrival patterns enabling management to engage in forward resource planning.
  • The cloud solution supported by local contact centre experts helped eliminate the need for the club’s IT team to manage on-premise hardware.

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What our customer say

“...we have seen a significant change in customer service to our thousands of club members and supporters... We now just can’t imagine working without it.”
Lauren Wall
Customer Experience Team Leader, Geelong Cats

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