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Driving CX through powerful business intelligence reporting and data driven insights

Event Overview

With a recent 2022 survey revealing that 91% of customers reported a deteriorated CX in the second half of 2021, the quality of the customer experience should be a priority focus for your organisation. 

Customer demands and behavioural changes have shifted forever in the wake of COVID, and organisations need to utilise their data effectively to cater to these changes and stay on top of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Business Intelligence and its wealth of insights and reporting is the answer to an organisation focussed on improving customer experience via their customer centre operations. By integrating your contact data, you can gain comprehensive insights to influence the right strategic initiatives and continuous improvements needed to provide a personalised customer experience and compete on the CX front.

Join us for a complimentary webinar at 10am on Thursday, 18th August to explore the different scenarios that BI can provide significant value to customer service and engagement.

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Key Highlights

  • Why harnessing the power of business intelligence reporting empowers you to be better engaged with omnichannel performance and your customer engagement
  • Gain practical insights into ways even small businesses can harness the power of their data to obtain crucial insights
  • Stay abreast of case studies that highlight innovative data driven insights from the contact centre
  • How business intelligence focused businesses can incorporate their contact centre information into broader corporate reporting which includes other channels to market as well as other financials
  • How a consultative approach can help your organisation gain a much broader context by blending a combination of data-replication and internal sourced data from other tables or other cloud platforms via cloud APIs


David Taylor
Business Intelligence Expert

David brings a wealth of business intelligence thought leadership as the Principal Consultant at Fast Lane Business Intelligence. He has an extensive  track record of developing BI solutions for global clients, including BMW, Telstra, Queensland Tourism Authority, AHPRA and many more. David provides fascinating insights into ways even small businesses can harness the power of their data to obtain crucial insights that have earned him international recognition with regular appearances at events worldwide.

Sol Rabinowicz
CEO, Premier Contact Point

Sol is an experienced business builder and leader with proven experience in highly competitive, challenging and growth business environments. As CEO of Premier Contact Point, Sol brings together his passion for technology with his expertise in strategy, sales, customer delivery and finance. His focus lies in empowering Premier’s customers with class-leading technologies, to grow their business and deliver the ultimate customer experience.