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7 reasons to level up to a cloud contact centre

Providing effortless customer experiences is vital to your business’s success, but outdated contact centre technology fails to hit the mark. The reality is, your existing setup might be making your team’s job more difficult than it needs to be.

Here are seven reasons to level up your tech and upgrade to a cloud contact centre.

Reason 1: Streamlined interconnectivity

Siloed applications are a thing of the past. A cloud contact centre eliminates the need to repeat information to your staff and clients, which can be frustrating.

Plus, a cloud solution gives your team access to custom dashboards with the data they need, including interaction types, performance metrics, and customer context. That way, they can deliver the excellent experience you know your customers deserve.

Reason 2: Improved security

In today’s digital world, no business has time for downtime. Security hiccups, breaches, and outages can wreak havoc on your productivity, reputation, and bottom line. A cloud contact centre safeguards your business – and customers – from security threats.

Reason 3: Connect faster

The implementation of complex solutions can be time-consuming and resource-intensive – and that’s not taking into account the in-depth training required. Cloud solutions, in contrast, can be up and running fast.

In response to the pandemic, we created a lightning-fast implementation system that allowed customer service and sales teams to get set up at home in just 24 hours. Find out more about our express contact centre solution.

Reason 4: Future-proof investment

Cloud-native contact centre solutions allow you to continuously implement new features as they are launched. You can update your system as often as you like without the time and financial investment typically required with on-site upgrades and installations.

Reason 5: Scale to meet changing needs

Your business needs are not set in stone – and neither should your contact centre software. Cloud solutions empower you to extend and reconfigure your functionalities as needed. You can add new integrations and remove those that are no longer required with ease.

Reason 6: Empowered employees

Your team wants to give your customers the best experience possible – equip them with the tools they need to succeed. A cloud contact centre can improve your employees’ work-life by:

  • Allowing them to quickly and easily switch between tasks
  • Accurately monitoring the customer journey from start to finish
  • Connecting with customers via their preferred channel
  • Seamlessly transferring customers to the experts they need to overcome any issues

Reason 7: Happier customers

Customer expectations have evolved as the proliferation of email, social media, and instant messaging has increased. More than half of consumers interact with brands on social media, with one in five reaching out directly via private chat.

It’s essential for your business to meet your customers where they are, to adapt your process to match their preferences. Cloud solutions that unify all communications allow you to do just that – the result: happier, more loyal customers.

Level up to a cloud contact centre

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