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Clever Contact Centre Mobile Customer Experience – Part 2

In Part 1 of our post about the experience that mobile users have with you, we shared the facts that over 84% of your customers are probably calling you from a mobile phone, and this number will only increase as more and more people abandon landlines.

We also shared six clever strategies to boost sales and streamline pre-call operations to significantly improve your customers’ mobile experience.

In this post, we’re sharing five innovative ways to give your customers the ultimate mobile experience – before, during, and after the call.


Five Clever Mobile Strategies for Before, During and After the Call

When your customers call you, they don’t want to hold for long – they want their issue understood quickly and resolved quickly, and they want assurance you will do what you promised.

1.   Speed up authentication

Before the call is even connected, provide mobile phone callers with a link to enter their authentication details  and save time while they wait. The customer’s information is screen-popped when the agent answers, which can significantly improve both agent and customer satisfaction.

2.   Engage visually while they’re waiting

Send mobile callers a text message with a hyperlink to a visual IVR where they can easily choose which queue they’d like to enter; this could be product or service information, order updates, or delivery tracking information. A visual IVR allows you to present many more options than a traditional nested IVR would, so your customers can get the help they really need. You can even add links to payment or FAQ pages – whatever you need to share to help your customer achieve resolution and total satisfaction.

3.   Invite drop-outs to reconnect

If the call drops out, send an SMS to your customer with an invitation to be connected directly with the agent they were speaking with if they call back within 30 seconds. When you clearly explain that they will be connected directly with the same agent, you’ll improve call back rate and customer satisfaction, because you’re removing the pain of having to start again and repeat everything to a different agent.

4.   Send a follow up summary

Delight your customer with your care and efficiency by texting a follow up link with a summary about the call, together with the ability to return the customer to the same agent to continue the call.

You could provide notes about the call, products, prices, delivery time, appointment time, payment options, access to the call recording, and even a link to reactivate the call or view their call history.

5.   Gauge customer satisfaction

Make it quick and easy for your mobile customers to give you feedback about their experience with you.  You could use any of the three common satisfaction metrics we discussed in detail in 3 Ways to Measure Customer Satisfaction in a Contact Centre namely CSAT, NPS or CES.  Or you could create your own.

Improving the mobile customer experience is important for every Contact Centre

It doesn’t matter whether your organisation operates in the retail, B2B, services, government or non-profit sector; most of your customers will be using a smartphone as their main method of communication. This is just as applicable to businesses with a small customer service / telemarketing team of 4 or 5 people, as it is to contact centres with 20 or 200 team members.

Not only will implementing a Mobile Customer Experience service impress and delight your customers, it offers significant benefits to your internal operations as well.

  • Fewer missed calls – Following up abandoned calls or unanswered outbound calls with SMS messages gives you a second opportunity.
  • Customer Journey Insights – You can track customer touchpoints throughout their mobile interactions – what they’re interested in, where they click, what they want to know.
  • Substantial Cost Savings – SMS and IVR interactions can be provided by you for a fraction of the cost of live agent phone calls. Providing customers with options they can access from their smartphone increases self-service adoption and automation rates, so that fewer customers require live agent assistance.

To stay relevant and competitive in today’s society that relies heavily on mobile phones, the decision to implement a mobile customer experience service into your Contact Centre operations is not “Should we?”; it’s “When will we?”

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