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How to run a Report

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This article describes the process for running a report via the Reports module found on the Premier Contact Point home screen.


Reports are used to access historical information and data about your centres operation. Reports cover a range of information including Queues and Agents.

Access to Reports are traditionally available to Administrator and Supervisor type users and are controlled via permissions.

How to run a Report

  1. Click the Reports module from the Premier Contact Point home screen.
  2. From the toolbar, use the drop-down menu to select a Report Category.
    image 2
  3. Once a category has been selected, click the VIEW REPORTS button and click on the report you want to run.
    image 3

The selected report will run, you can the Reporting Date filter to select a date range.

image 4

The Report Category and VIEW REPORTS button will remain available at all times to select different categories or reports within the same category.


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