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In Praise of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management software is an invaluable way to manage all the information your Contact Centre team members need access to on a daily basis. The easier it is for your agents to assist your customers, the better.

What all the fuss is about

A blog from January 2016 entitled 7 Trends in Contact Center Knowledge Management for 2016 said: “As any great contact center leader knows, knowledge management is a vital—and potentially overwhelming—part of working in a large organization.”

It went on to say “[Knowledge management is] vital because it helps your agents stay on track and address issues correctly, which in turn makes your business more successful.

“In order to manage all that information, contact centers often turn to knowledge management software. As these software systems continue to develop, they’re becoming more robust, more user-friendly, and more capable of handling and disseminating diverse types of knowledge.”

“A well-designed knowledge management system plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between customer expectations and an organisation’s ability to deliver on these expectations.”

Even more praise on the role of knowledge management in the contact centre can be found in a February 2017 white paper from Frost & Sullivan (F&S): Enterprise Knowledge Management: Helping to Deliver Consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience.

Enterprise knowledge management systems, it says, “provide organisations with a solution to create, organise, maintain, and access knowledge throughout the business.

It “significantly enhances customer engagement, not just at the pre-purchase discovery stage, but also at the post-purchase stage of support and services.”

How you can benefit

F&S continues, “Agents now have the tools they need to deliver the expected level of customer experience. Likewise, customers stand to benefit from interactions with support staff who are equipped with the right level of knowledge to resolve even the most complex issues with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency. This, in turn, enables organisations to strengthen customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value.

“A leading European mobile phone retailer saw a stark increase in contact deflection of 27.3 percent while markedly improving NPS by 12 base points after implementing a knowledge management system.”

These are impressive claims, and the white paper backs them up with some impressive statistics. By deploying knowledge management systems:

  •  “One of the largest global insurance providers realised a massive decrease in agent training costs by 50 percent, and a sharp drop of 30 percent in complaints.”
  • “An Australian Government agency saw its customer satisfaction levels surge to 93 percent as well as raise agent satisfaction and reduce handling time by 53 percent.”
  • “A leading European mobile phone retailer saw a stark increase in contact deflection of 27.3 percent while markedly improving NPS by 12 base points after implementing a knowledge management system.”

It’s these kinds of success rates and improvement figures which make knowledge management a serious contender for inclusion in any list of top ten contact centre technologies.

Taking it that one step further

Merely using knowledge management software, however, is just one step towards customer experience greatness. Improve your CX further by integrating your knowledge base with your contact centre software, so agents can access key information quickly and effortlessly.

For over 30 years’ Premier Technologies has developed inhouse expertise in systems integration and customisation. Our cloud-hosted contact centre solution can integrate with your business’ knowledge base to ensure your team members have easy access to all the tools they need to do their job, and do it well.

Integrate Knowledge with Premier Contact Point

Choosing the right technology for your contact centre is only the beginning of your journey. The Premier Contact Point cloud contact centre solution contains all the features you need for now and into the future. Contact us for an obligation-free demo of our powerful contact centre solution.

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